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What is The Vault?

The Vault is where all our Create Business Academy Courses are stored. This is our treasure trove and now it’s yours too. Through these power-pack courses, you will:

  • Maximize the value you’re capable of offering
  • Unlock the richness inside your business
  • Expand your business to its full potential

So that you

Do less busy work & make more money simply

Get that Money, honey!

Each power pack contains step-by-step training to give you what you want most: a growing audience,  content that converts clients and customers, irresistible offers your community craves, a winning sales strategy,  how to become a star on video, and creative resources to maximize your business success. Choose anyone to start with!

Unlock MORE business success no matter what stage you’re at.

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Sales Mastery

Get inspired and hired or set up to be sold out!

Learn the art of sales so that you build your influence with integrity and grow your community with confidence. Create your sales runway so that you have more than enough and get to be super selective about who you work with.

Irresistible Offers

Keep your clients coming back for more

How to create, package, and sell multiple irresistible offers by turning your ideas into service packages and digital products. And how to iterate so that you resell the same ideas again and again.


Content Gold

Your Money Magnetizer

Outside the box – inside the heart content training to transform your audience into a loyal community who support your every move. Content strategy, plans, and styling to stand out online as your most artistic connected self.

Video Star

Content of the future

Become the next viral sensation or simply develop your on-screen charisma in meetings.


Audience Growth

Grow on the gram in 5 days

Transform your relationship with Instagram and supercharge your creativity with these tools and techniques. Use these community boosters on any social media channel.

Creative Resources

Quick wins & creative assets

Swipe files and guidebooks to fill the gaps so your business flows and flourishes no matter what.

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