Create The Business You Were Born To Create

The World’s First AI-Enhanced Business Playground!

AI does all your grunt work & you only do your grand visions.

Let’s Find Your Flow

But first, is CBA a vibe for you? Scroll down and see for yourself.

You’re here📍because you want to grow your business or start a new business.

[Creating a Business is not just making a living but making a life you celebrate daily.]

You’re not into perky & perfect influencer coaches, or those 7-figure quick-fix business scammers, and you’re tired of acting like a badass who gives zero F#%ks because actually:

You care a lot about a lot!

You just want your baby business to super bloom into all its potential without it sucking up all of your time … so that you pursue passion projects, sip artisanal coffee, take more holidays, chill hard, and not have to post everything online.

Right? Well, good news for you…

You’re in the sweet spot where all that’s possible and more. 

Maybe Your Success Wears Pajamas?

or maybe slippers and a kaftan – it’s up to you…

You didn’t come here to act like a productivity robot. You came here to expand into all your edges cause you know that creative expression is the highest form of freedom. So,

The first thing you’ll get when you enroll at CBA is a 1:1 personalized Treasure Mapping session [with CBA founder Lauren Wallett] where you’ll choose what Wild Success looks like for you.

You’ll reimagine and redefine success however you like. Outdated patriarchal rules, hustle culture and boss babe stereotypes don’t have to apply. In fact, there aren’t any Have-To’s and Should’s here. There’s only success on your terms, done-for-you with AI every step of the way.

CBA: Where Barefoot Meets Breakfast in Bed

Wealth, Purpose, and a side of extra guac pls!

Strike harmony when you blend All the things you love!

We serve it straight: making money is just your starting point. A basic business baseline. Of course you want more than money. You want it ALL and you don’t have to break your back to get it.

♥️ Why Labor when you can Savor? ♥️

At CBA, AI handles your grunt work while you shape your grand visions.

So, toss out the toil and let your dreams unfurl 🌹 You’ve got AI for the grind & CBA for the elevated climb. Now let’s create something sublime!

CBA: For a business so advanced, it’s practically poetic!

Before & After:

From Battleground to Playground:

Swap the exhausting dog-fight for survival with an exhilarating game of expansion, expression and evolution.

From Frustration to Fun:

Turn your business challenges into creative puzzle play with a focus on future visions versus current problems. (Cause most problems evaporate when you’re headed in an aligned direction.)

From Exhaustion to Excitement:

The only thing you’ll grind are coffee beans (if that’s your thing). Prepare for self-generating energy that comes from fueling your creative fire until it’s roaring into heart warming fulfillment… that spills over into extra business success.

From Burnout to Balance:

Trade the stress & hustle of win at all costs for a harmonious blend of working, resting, playing and creating! From following the ticking clock to trusting the rhythm of your beating heart.

From Lone Wolf to Wolf Pack:

Go from a lonely pursuit to a supportive journey of fellow creators and entrepreneurs, moving in parallel toward their own destiny. Forge community and collaborate instead of compete.

Cause it’s better when we’re together!

The Only Business School In The Galaxy Where AI Does Your Homework, So You Can Do Your Dreams.

CBA is an AI-infused academy with a simple mandate of Creative Excellence. Think: outside-the-box mixed with cutting-edge technology. It’s even easier done than said 😉

We specialize in the AI Creative Genius [CG] Prompt Method developed by our founder Lauren Wallett.

Complete all the modules with AI & then: get months of marketing done-for-you in minutes.

A New Slant On Social

It’s pointless studying under someone with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. They’re leveraging a personal brand baseline you just don’t have. What worked for them 10 years ago isn’t the same for you today.

Plus our AI super tool gives you access to personalized emulations of their exact content plans customized to your choice of social media channels as a bonus – if you want that!

What you need is a game plan that plays to your strengths. 

Break free from the crushing social media mosh pit of cookie-cutter, generic, boring content and experiment on social media as a test kitchen, a rehearsal space and distillery to refine your best offers.

Before & After

From Winning at All Costs to Defining Your Own Success:

Shift from the relentless pursuit of external validation and vanity metrics like winning at social media, to creating a business that brings you internal joy and satisfaction. It may not be huge. It may be exactly what you want most.

From Conformity to Creativity:

Break free from the limitations of ‘business as usual’ to embrace your unique creative expression. Your style, your vibe, every step of the way. We call it playing your ACE (Artistic Connected Expression).

From Profit-Driven to Pleasure-Led:

Transition from simply chasing a bottom line dollar to building a business that aligns with your deepest values, greatest hopes and vision for the future.

From Rigidity to Rhythm and Flow:

Let go of fixed schedules and stifling routines to find a business rhythm that dances to your own heartbeat. Especially for our neurospicy, alternative folx. We do NOT need to do it “right” – we get to do it perFuctly as our flawsome selves and show up as we are, one day at a time.

From Money-Making Machine to An Endless Celebration:

Transform your perception of business from just a revenue generator to a catalyst for crafting a lifestyle you adore and celebrate daily. The moment it stops being fun, we get to change it. Remember: Your business serves you, you don’t work for it.

Treat Your Business as an Act of Creation & Treat Yourself First!

CBA is unlike any other business school or online course.

It’s a build-your-own-adventure journey with a customized treasure map that starts where you are and takes you to where you want to go because despite popular opinion success isn’t a one-size-fits-all & we all start from different places.

Get all the support training you need to boost your business, fill the gaps, and build your momentum for a smooth roll to success. With your AI team delivering results for you everyday.

Kick back, relax, and let’s take your business baby all the way to the top!

That’s what she said

Get ALL ACCESS to The Vault

What’s Inside CBA’s Secret Vault?

Oh, just The Business Alchemist’s Secret to Transmuting Ideas into Gold…

You get instant access to the best courses, classes, cheat codes and creative resources to transform your business. The Vault is your online portal to success. And we customize your experience so you only do what serves you best…

You’re Going Places!

We’re just here to support your ascent and make the journey as smooth and effortless as possible.

CBA’s like taking the elevator instead of the stairs.

We let machinery do the heavy lifting so you can transcend ordinary to embrace the extraordinary.

How CBA Works For You:

1:1 Treasure Mapping session to fast-track your success

What you need to fast-track your success depends on where you’re at and where you want to get to. So you don’t need to do EVERYTHING. You need a custom strategic plan and that’s exactly what you’ll get in your 1:1 Treasure Mapping session with CBA’s founder, Lauren Wallett so that your supersede your dreams.

Enroll Once. Access Forever

You’ll get ALL ACCESS to the living CBA Vault which means, thousands of dollars of courses, success cheat codes and evolving resources – forever. That’s right. Eternal access to endless creative power. Dip into our well of wisdom for daily inspiration, or 20-years from now for a quick reboot. We’ll keep your momentum going into the future.

You Set Your Pace

Take it turbo-fast, easy breezy, or somewhere in between to achieve your goals on your schedule. There’s no rush and you have lifetime access for this business and all your future businesses to come.

Custom Creative Direction For You

We’ve crafted all the materials (since July 2017) and serve you a custom Build-Your-Own-Adventure Treasure Map with your unique Creative Direction so that you only do the classes and courses that serves you best.

Do The Bare Minimum!

Because we’re tailoring the experience based on where you are and where you want to go, you get to do the bare minimum and still get outstanding results!

And: You also get access to everything inside the CBA vault as an added bonuses so you can do it all if you want to. Go off track from your map and add extra classes and courses into the mix. You have full access and it’s all yours.

Weekly Support

Get personalized support every week for 2-months. Ask any question, get business feedback, gain marketing insights – whatever suggestions you need to improve. You’ll get personalized feedback on what you need. All included FREE.

BONUS: VIP Playdates

Get invited to CBA member meetups online and in real life, including: private feedback sessions, creative workshops, sneak peeks of new tech and more.

Access a community of delightful business owners, to encourage and support you as you grow your business. Think Mastermind meets Support Group meets Creative Council. Once you’re enrolled, you’re always invited!

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