There are always multiple alternative options available. The answer you get depends on the limitations of someone’s personal perspective. If you want a more interesting, expansive, and inviting answer, you should always ask a Creative.

The world is not fixed, definitive, linear and binary (if you ask a creative.)

Creatives understand that everything is in constant flux and change is the only constant. And because of this resilient flexibility, they’re able to adapt, innovate, and thrive in a myriad of challenging situations.

Creatives know that life and business aren’t pre-written fixed scripts that you have to learn and stick to no matter what. Life and business is an improvisation and you get to choose your reactions and responses based on the input, information, and particular nature of the circumstance or scenario you’re in.

Ask a mathematician, or socialized person to answer the question 1+1 and they will likely say: 2.

But the truth is, there is more than one answer depending on how you interpret the question. Without explaining and complicating this idea, let’s take a look and how there could be more than just one right answer and in fact, could be hundreds.

The beauty of AI is that when it’s run by a creative it can brainstorm hundreds of ideas at the touch of a button. A creative may be able to think up to 10 off the top of their head, but AI can do thousands. The more interesting the question (or the direction), the more interesting the result. The creative person knows what direction to prompt the AI in.

Show me, don’t Tell me

Instead of SAYING the world is filled with possibilities and options, you can literally SHOW these alternatives.

Showing is far more powerful than conceptually grasping a notion because it’s made practical and real.

Like this…

If this excites you then remember you get to question every stock standard answer and think, think again and then reimagine a thousand different possible options for yourself and the world!


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