How can you maximize your business potential using what you already have? What can you do differently and what avenues haven’t you explored yet? Take these 2-steps to build your growing client waitlist.

Sometimes building your business feels like trying to solve an endlessly intricate puzzle. It seems there’s always a missing piece or two, and a few that stubbornly refuse to fit in. What makes everything just click into place?

Spoiler Alert: There’s no mystical puzzle piece that miraculously transforms to mold and merge to fill the gaps of your business puzzle.

But – we have discovered a universal 2-step approach that works wonders across the board.

It’s centered around meeting your clients where they’re at instead of expecting them to leap to your level. It involves leveraging everything you already have to offer customized choices. (Think of this post as your mini crash course in both sales mastery and creating irresistible offers.)

Step 1: Inclusivity

Engage the Full Spectrum of Potential Clients

Every client falls into one of four quadrants relating to Time and Money.

Their position depends on what offers are right for them, right now. This creates an opportunity for you to serve multiple types of income-generating clients simultaneously. The more you can align your offerings with your client’s needs, the better your chances of maintaining a relationship with them. So, when you customize your offerings to include the four quadrants of time and money, you get to build a future waitlist of clients. 

4 Quadrants of Time & Money

#1 Not enough money and not enough time means you’ll deliver quick-win, value-add freebies. These are your longer-term prospects who you’ll nurture until they’re ready. 

#2 Not enough money and enough time means you’ll deliver high-impact training, workshops and challenges. These are great for case studies for new programs and courses.

#3 Enough money and not enough time means you’ll deliver accelerator programs, VIP days or intensives, done-for-you packages, and one-on-ones.

#4 Enough money and enough time means you’ll deliver masterminds, private mentorships, and the best of your best packages.

Step 2: Customization

Packaging Your Offers

A package is a combination of multiple irresistible offers. You can have various types of packages, from a ‘Do It Yourself’ to a ‘Done For You’ complete service.

You’ll customize your package based on the four quadrants of time and money. 

Repurpose your offers into a tiered model structure with multiple access points to you. The more access to you, the higher the price. The least access – like a free PDF download, the lower the cost.

It’s the same transformative information, repackaged.

Tiered access levels position your ACE offers like delicious treats on a high-tea service tray. From lowest $0 to highest +$25000: 

Examples of Offers

  • Value-packed information products (Cheatsheets, Audits, Assessments, Swipe files)
  • Digital download (Guidebook / E-book / Journal)
  • DIY course/Video training
  • Accelerator program
  • Multiple day events
  • Group coaching
  • Online course
  • One-on-one
  • Membership
  • Mastermind
  • Challenge

Examples of Packages

A package is a combination of multiple irresistible offers. For example:

Do it yourself – How to Create a Stand-out Style Guide for Social Media (self-study guidebook)

Done for you – Your Social Media Style Bible

Done with you – Your Social Media Style, Revamped in 6 weeks

Combo – 3 Day Style Challenge. Including live training, support materials, and group support

Beyond Discounts, Embrace Exclusivity

A package is more than just a discounted bundle to save your client time or money. It goes beyond the concept of a discounted deal. Instead, it’s an exclusive offer, intricately curated, customized, and tailored to provide unique value that exceeds the sum of its individual parts.

Remember if you sell more of your time for less money, then you’ll work more and earn less instead of the other way around! You’ll start resenting getting more clients because you’ll be overworked and underpaid.

And if you overload your clients with too many all-inclusive offers, they won’t have time to do them all and the value of your offers will be wasted. Curation and customization are more valuable than giving it all away for free.

That’s why custom packages best serve clients where they’re at.

Add Premium Support

Your packages could also include various support elements like Q&A sessions, email support, group accountability, or bonuses like information products.

The level of support and access to you is what elevates your packages. Support options could be bonuses or additions. For example you could buy a package with or without personal / group support.

What support could you include in your package?

  • Q&A sessions
  • Email support
  • Group accountability
  • Bonuses (like information products)

Front & Back End Packages

In the world of package creation, you’ll want to consider your front and back-end offers. Your front-end package is your premium offer, whereas your back-end package is an exclusive version reserved for graduates who have already experienced your front-end services. The goal is to create a structure that caters to a wide range of clients, ensuring that there is always an offer for everyone, at every stage of their journey.

This could be a high-tier annual mentoring program for your most loyal clients. For example, a $25,000 annual mentoring program.

Product-based businesses can adapt this strategy by offering custom and bespoke creations and collaborations for select clients only. The price point would be higher for the original pieces. 

Brainstorm The Ultimate Package

Brainstorm ideas for a 10X version of your offers and products to create fresh insights and intriguing packages. For example:

What’s included in your front-end package that starts at $500 – $15000 compared to what’s inside your back-end package that’s the 10X version?

These ideas will give you fresh insights into creating your signature offers too.

The Future Of Business

The future of business is about understanding and engaging with the diverse spectrum of potential clients. It involves meeting them where they’re at, offering them the choices that best suit their needs, and delivering customized value.

By embracing this 2-step strategy, you’re not just playing the business game; you’re reshaping the rules, creating an environment where your business thrives and your clients feel valued. It’s a win-win situation, and that’s what successful business is all about. Step into the future of business with inclusivity and customization to give all your future clients the chance of choice, and watch as your client waitlist continues to grow.

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