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The 3×3 Marketing Map gives you a complete marketing map, sorted into 3 simple stages. Welcome to social media success – the simplified version.

Here’s the summary for you. Complete these 3 stages and you’ll have aligned your business goals to your marketing map this quarter.

1: Plan & Post | 2: Engage & Research | 3: Analyze & Adapt

Stage 1

Plan & Post

Plan your posts. And post them. 

Prepping your plan is actually the most challenging part because you’re not prepared when you start. That’s the whole point. You need to dive into doing it. My best tip to prepare you for planning is around mindset.

Mindset: Master the art of perfuction (fuck perfect. seriously. Well done is always better than well said. You may make a mess of things. You may look silly. It may not work out right the first time around. But it will only work if you work it. Your dream clients will never know if it’s you they’re looking for until they get to see the real you. And your magic is in the messy middle. 

So while I have a super-effective 12-step plan to post on social for your ultimate marketing strategy, none of the steps will work for you until you’re prepared to work them yourself. When you are, get in touch and I’ll give you the best social media training there is, but until you’re ready to DO IT, it will not work for you.

You need to post. Posting gives you the gift of Momentum.

Momentum: makes it easier to do more, the more you do. Soon, posting will become second nature and fully integrated into your lifestyle. It helps when you know your Content Zone of Genius. And you can take the quiz to discover yours.

Stage 2

Engage & Research

If Stage 1 is 50% of successful marketing, then Stage 2 is a close second at 40%

Social media is a conversation, not a stage show. Engage to build relationships and you’ll build your entire business. Want to know how? Get my Engagement Strategy training here. 

When you’re scrolling, you’re consuming, or you’re collating. You want to be collating because that’s your research. What do you want to implement, try out, repurpose, learn from? Save posts and study scroll instead of mindlessly scrolling. Suddenly you’re not just addicted to social media, you’re a studious research professional, working on your craft. 

Save what you love and loath – both posts will give you inspiration for what to create in Stage 1.

Stage 3

Analyze & Adapt 

The cherry on the top. The final 10%. Now that you’ve got a page full of content, you can check out what’s actually working, what can be repurposed, and what you should just never ever do again.

This stage is for true players. You need at least 3 months of posts for this. Even up to 3 years! 

Check your insights, make your notes, and adapt your posting plan. You want 80% of what you know works and 20% for wild experimentation. Every time you analyze and adapt, you’ll refine your strategy until it’s solid gold. 

Well done. You’ve just completed your Marketing Map in 3 stages. 

Where are you at? Let’s get cryptic. Comment on my post on which stage you’re at with either 

1 – PP 

2 – ER

3 – AA

And no one will know what you’re talking about, but I will 😆 Like our own secret language. I have something for you depending on where you’re at. 

See you online.

Love, Lauren

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