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5 mind fks to make people obsessed with you [This-should-be-illegal Content Strategy]

Ah, obsession, my favorite feeling state! Obsession is a devotion to a thought – usually about a person, idea, or concept. It lives inside your mind, rearranging your normal functioning thoughts out of the way to make space for your ever-expanding obsession… Until it consumes your mind and takes over completely. The more and more powerful your obsession becomes, the more and more powerless you become to the irresistible temptation to keep obsessing about it! 

Obsessing over people and the past used to be two of my favorite pastimes until I realized I could make people obsessed with me instead.  

When I was a newbie witch, I’d act from obsession. “You’re obsessed with me,” said one boyfriend. “You say that like it’s a bad thing?” I’d coo, hypnotizing him with my green eyes until he was obsessed with me too. Some men love to be loved like that.

“It’s like being bitten by a spider – I didn’t notice it at first and now, the poison has spread, and well, I just can’t stop thinking about you.” Said another obsessed lover.

But obsessing over others is exhausting. 

There are dark magical ways to cast obsession spells, especially around people prone to trauma bonding, disorganized attachment, and codependency. Narcissists wield fear-based obsession like a weapon. I am not about that life. The obsession techniques I’m sharing, I practice openly, on display, and it is obvious when I’m doing them. I’m obsessed with honesty. That’s why I’m happy to share them publicly out in the open. You’ll just get to know me better and I’d love that. 

These are tricks used for good because they’re uplifting, joyful, and fun. You could say I’m obsessed with expressing myself. Because I am. And these 5 ideas will show you how to connect with others through self-expression, too.

Turns out that obsession is great for business! When someone can’t get you out of their head, you’re in a prime position of influence. You’re already in their head, now you just need to direct their thoughts into taking action.  

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Here are 5 mind fks to make people obsessed with you.

The last disclaimer before I dive in – please notice my choice of words because our words are spells. I chose “mind-fuck” because, just like any fucking, it requires consent. The person must be a willing participant. They must be hungry for satiation, for something more. They must be a seeker. They want to be obsessed. So, when you dangle the bait, they’ll bite because they’re hungry. Just like using a clickbait title to this blog – you came because you wanted to…

#1 Obsession Mind Fk: Pin point the time

Everyone needs to tell the time multiple times a day. You’re going to attach yourself to a time. “Oh look! It’s 11.11, make a wish!” You’ll say. “And so it is!” They’ll agree. 11.11 is a great time to bait with. Now add your unique style into play: tell them what that specific time means, share other noticeable numbers you keep seeing, like 2.22 or 1.23, and share why the number is so meaningful to you. Keep it simple and short and let them ask for more details if they want to. Then ask them if they’ve noticed those numbers too because if they didn’t before, they will now. 

Schedule your posts at meaningful and magical times too. Those who believe in signs will take note!

Congratulations, you’ve just become part of the most valuable commodity people have – their time. 

#2 Obsession Mind Fk: Share your consumable obsession 

I’m guessing you’re an obsessive person already or you wouldn’t be reading this, so picking an obsession will be easy for you. Choose something simple, specific, and easily accessible. Then make it part of your identity. If it’s your love of coffee – get specific and choose a coffee type – like a mocha. Heighten it and choose a particular brand (like Blue Bottle). Then show the world how much you love it by posting pictures of you and the thing on social media. Let it become part of your weekly practice. I have posted hundreds of pictures of me with Blue Bottle Mochas and my consistency is comforting. People think they know me because they know one thing about me. They really don’t, but that’s irrelevant. Seeing someone commit to what they love by choosing it, again and again, makes someone feel trustworthy and familiar. You build an associated connection. Choosing something easily accessible and consumable, like mochas, means that someone else also gets to relate and experience it too. It builds belonging and community. We’re mocha-connected. How delicious is that? 

It’s also likely that others will love what love too – you’re just making it more obvious to them by bringing a new level of awareness, pleasure, and excitement to something they didn’t know was so damn delightful – until now. You’re adding something extra to the ordinary and making it extraordinary. And then when they consume the thing, they feel connected to you, too.

#3 Obsession Mind Fk: Choose an adorable animal 

What animal isn’t adorable? Share an animal that you adore. I love puppies and bunnies. There are multiple ways to associate with animals – from social media shares to home decor, outfits, emoticons, metaphors, and quotes to straight up saying how much you’re obsessed with a particular creature in conversation. Tell people who you are: “I’m a pugs-not-drugs kind of person.” Tell your audience that they remind you of the quote, “You’re like a flamingo in a flock of pigeons!” Post captions referencing animals, “Ready to play with me animal style?” I post a lot of pictures with puppies (because I’m a Fairy Dog-Mother) and because I prefer puppies to people. When people relate, we become puppy-love connected. How delightful! So pick a cute creature and share, share, share. Hop to it.

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#4 Obsession Mind Fk: Select your sound of music

Pick a song and your audience what it reminds you of when you hear it, how you feel about it, and what it makes you do. Link a feel-good memory or a pivotal moment to the song. Then every time that song plays, guess what – they’ll think about you and the story you shared.

Create a business playlist and add the alternative versions (like an acoustic or remix). Share it in your stories and in emails to your audience. They’ll think they can’t get the song out of their head, but do you know what’s really in their head? You are. Use that song in your stories and in Reels and TikToks. Easy Peasy.

Here’s one I’ve always loved: FAME. (Remember my name.) 

Too good.  


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♬ Fame – Irene Cara

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#5 Obsession Mind Fk:  Actively listen

This is the crux of cultivating obsession with others. Actively listen to them. Actively listening means listening with the intention of genuine understanding and acceptance. To really take in what the person is saying. Repeat back what you’re hearing. Offer mirrored reflections. Ask where you are wrong in your understanding. “What I’m hearing is… tell me where I’m wrong?” Listening is so close to love that you may have even confused the two before. The reason so few people actually listen is that they’re obsessed with themselves. They’re wondering what they’ll say before you’ve finished speaking or what you think about them instead of thinking about you. So when you have a conversation that’s not just about yourself, with your focus on the other person, they’ll feel heard in a way that feels sensational. And they’ll want more and more. Active listening is the ultimate way to make someone feel good. And when you’re associated with a good feeling, people will develop an insatiable appetite for you. Feeling good is addictive – just like you, you delicious obsession-worthy creative you. 

So there you have it, 5 mind fks to make people obsessed with you. Are you obsessed? Tell me in the comments below. 

Love, Lauren

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