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What you’re about to read is practical magic. Each idea is customizable and easy to implement. You’ll become more confident with your capabilities and remember your own innate magic.

You do have what it takes to be successful.

This blog will remind you of that fact. Your Business will become more fun than you ever believed it could be. Let’s alchemize your heart of gold into actual gold and make money from your magic.

Business reimagined is a shift from patriarchal to playful business.

It’s business done in the way of PLAY. Purpose-driven, Light-hearted, and Aligned to You. It moves you beyond the problem to the place of possibilities. These blogs hold the promise of magic.

Magic happens when we come together instead of tearing each other apart. It’s business as connected creation instead of separation. It answers the question: how do you reimagine business?

Patriarchal Capitalist Business isn’t the best option. There is a softer, easier way. And while 9 – 5 is officially dead, the privilege of working for yourself is a full-time gig.

This blog is for people who don’t fit into the status quo and want a paradigm shift. It’s for:

The ambitious self-starter who wants to impact the world and leave a legacy of love.

The generous freedom-seeker who wants to generate income and lavish their loved ones.

And the magic-maker who’s ready to scale an interdependent business that’s wildly successful.

Over 17 years, I’ve reimagined business with hundreds of business owners. Coaches, Consultants, CEO’s and Creatives have experienced wild-fire success. From boring, suppressive, and stoic strategies to enjoying light-hearted, sustainable super bloom businesses. Their stories and the steps they took are the treasure map to guide you over the rainbow to success.

Albert, a mentee from Nigeria, says his insights gained were electric. He took the inspiration into his traditional corporate environment and transformed the productivity of his team through play. They got more done, had more fun, and felt energized and inspired to pursue new business opportunities. This book will invigorate and delight you. You’ll never need to force yourself through another boring business book again.

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These are the ideas my clients have used to achieve exponential growth in their businesses. They’ve grown from $1K months to $50K months – often in as little as 90 days. But it’s more than money, they’re making up their own lives!

I promise that if you include Love, Play, and Magic in your business, you’ll exceed your own expectations. You’ll realize that it’s possible to get more than what you want without having to work harder for it. Instead of feeling separate and alone because of overwhelm and worry, your business will connect you to yourself, others, and the world.

You don’t need to resist relief for a moment longer. Dive into these blogs with an open heart and mind and reap the rewards instantly. Subscribe and you’ll get fresh blogs delivered into your inbox.

Let these blogs ignite your creativity.

Your light will light up thousands more.

Scroll through to tune in to the frequency of magic. I’m cheering you on from the realm of possibilities where your dream business already exists.

Love, Lauren

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