This blog is for business owners, coaches, consultants, creatives, entrepreneurs, and CEOs who want to grow a successful business while enjoying themselves, too. You’ll get alternative business strategies to guide you in growing a business that flourishes no matter what.

Your success code is a combination

Creating a business is a layered and complex process that is ongoing and ever-changing, with multiple moving parts. Everything takes longer than you think it will, so the sooner you embrace the idea of iterative deliverables, the better. You don’t have to get anything perfect on your first attempt. The point is to keep going and growing with progress, not perfection, as your north star goal. Creativity is your compass and so the more you get into creative practice, the better.

All the tips, tricks, techniques, and toolkits provided in the Create Business blog are to support you on your business journey. I’ve included loads of free goodies for you to support you to grow your business. Many of the materials link to additional training and resources for you. There are dozens of interconnected pieces to your business puzzle, so move through them at your own pace. The point is to keep moving.

Just like a vault, your business requires a combination code to unlock the riches inside. That’s why The Vault has multiple categories and pieces inside each category.

Creating a business is practical magic

This blog is to support you as you crack the code to your own success. How you do that is up to experimentation with the tools provided here. Some will work for you better than others. That’s why each tool (or blog post) is customizable to suit you.

When you crack the code, you’ll access the magic in your business and exceed your own expectations. You’ll realize that it’s possible to get more than what you want without having to work harder for it. You’ll actually start doing less busy work and getting more of all the good stuff you love. Instead of feeling separate and alone, working all the time, your business will connect you to yourself, others, and the world.

Read these blogs with an open heart and mind to reap the rewards instantly. Let the blogs ignite your creativity so that you rediscover trust in yourself and remember what you can (and will) achieve.

Here, you get to take time out to tune in to the frequency of magic. When you align yourself with your highest potential, you get even more than your heart desires because what’s meant for you is always more than you can imagine.

One thing I know for sure is that when you reimagine your business, you reimagine your whole life.

I’m cheering you on from the realm of possibilities where your better-than-your-dream business already exists.

Welcome to The Create Business Blog

The Create Business Blog is your weekly dose of magic, served straight from the heart into your inbox so that you design a lifestyle and business you love.

I’ll start each blog by telling you who it’s for and sharing the benefit you’ll get by reading it. After the post, you’ll get a summary wrap-up with the key takeaways, and recommended reading for more.

Every idea shared is customizable and easy to implement. While you read, you’ll become more confident with your capabilities as you access your own innate magic and remember that you have what it takes to be successful.

Create Business Academy | Do I have what it takes to be successful? You do have what it takes to be successful. You do have what it takes to be successful. You do have what it takes to be successful. | Celebrity Business Coach, Business Coach for Business Owners, Service Providers, Consultants, Coaches

Who is this blog for?

This blog is for people who don’t fit into the status quo and want a paradigm shift. It’s for:

  • The ambitious self-starter who wants to impact the world and leave a legacy of love.
  • The generous freedom-seeker who wants to generate income and lavish their loved ones.
  • And the magic-maker who’s ready to scale an interdependent business that’s wildly successful.

The benefit of reading this blog

Each post reminds you, you have what it takes to be successful and shows you exactly how to achieve success in bite-sized action steps.

The 4 Blog categories

The blog delivers a weekly post in one of four main categories for you to choose from:

  • Playtriarchy (which is my world for reimagining the future of business that gives an alternative to patriarchal standards and hustle culture. Instead of working, it’s about playing.)
  • Business Growth (tips and tricks to grow your business into one that flourishes no matter what.)
  • Content Strategy (this is the essence of what I train business owners and marketers to do because content keeps your audience alive so that they continue to buy from you.)
  • Social Media Savvy (your practical guide to promotional platforms and the best practices to get the most out of them.)

These categories all contribute to showing you how growing your business is more fun than you ever believed it could be. You’ll learn how to take what’s inside your heart of gold and turn it into actual gold – making money from your magic.

I know that the reason you don’t have a business and lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams (yet) is that you haven’t imagined it as a possibility. But don’t worry, this blog will show you exactly how to make it happen for yourself.

If you’ve ever felt a longing for something unexplainable, a missing for something more, a desire for an alternative to your current reality… then I hope this blog reminds you it’s possible. You’re here to have more than you want.

So, you can even think of this blog as an unbinding spell that undoes all the knots of tension caused by the old rules of business. You’ll get released into the new paradigm, free from nonsense and bondage. I’ll shed light on bad advice so you can spot it for yourself and spit it out. There is a far more delicious way to enjoy the rich pleasures of business done differently. The good news is: it actually works. Not just for me, but for hundreds of the clients I’ve worked with over the years. Whether they believed in magic, they’ve each created a business that super-bloomed after they took some creative redirection.

You get to show up as you are; make it all up as go you fall in love with the creative process of growing a thriving business.

Use this blog as your guide to show you how to create a stimulating and successful business. Here you’ll get to:

  • Serve your people
  • Sell your services and products
  • Scale your way


You have what it takes to be successful and this blog will show you how to put your potential into the action steps that make it happen.

Key Takeaways

The Create Business Blog is your weekly dose of magic that gets delivered into your inbox if you subscribe (so do that!)

You’re exactly where you need to be if you want to:

  • Design a lifestyle and business you love
  • Access your own innate magic
  • Remember that you have what it takes to be successful
  • Exceed your own expectations
  • Get more than what you want without having to work harder for it
  • Start doing less busy work and get more of all the good stuff you love
  • Connect you to yourself, others, and the world.
  • Ignite your creativity
  • Rediscover trust in yourself
  • Create businesses that serve your highest potential
  • Fall in love with the creative process of growing a thriving business

What business are you making up? Email me to tell me where you’re at, at

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