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Intuitive Business Mentor, Author, and Creatrix of Create Business Academy, Lauren Wallett, is here to serve your highest potential and help you work less and play more in your business.

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I’m here to serve your highest potential possible so you can sustain wild, expansive success on your own terms and have more fun than you ever imagined possible.

When we team up I’ll show you how to stand out online, create, and sell your offers. Plus, you’ll work less and play more. Here’s what I know:

Your innate creativity is the most powerful untapped resource you have.

You get to use your creativity to achieve business success beyond your wildest dreams.

You’re allowed to play and get paid for it.

I’m here to show you how.

What’s meant for you is beyond your wildest dreams and there are three reasons you don’t have your dreams yet:



You haven’t imagined what’s meant for you as a possibility yet. However, It’s probably a lot bigger than you’ve ever anticipated. Until you’ll don’t get served crumbs when you’re being served from a dessert tray.


You’ve probably been playing outdated rules in a losing patriarchal capitalist game. No one wins in a system designed to fail them. It’s not about how hard you work. It’s a rigged game. But there is no competition when you play outside the lines.


Time is tricky. There’s no knowing how long something will take when you start it. Sometimes what you want takes a lot longer to arrive and other things happen unexpectedly that supersede your expectations. You’re often not actually doing anything wrong – there’s just a delay in the delivery.

Where Business Reimagined comes in

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How do you transcend existing in a system that you live in?

 No matter how many psychedelics, ayahuasca ceremonies, and meditations you do – your bills still need to be paid in the end.

Money matters and you have to make it. If you’re here, I’m assuming you don’t believe in corporate jobs so selling your time for company profits isn’t an option. You want to make money, on your own terms, within your own schedule and get paid for what you love doing.

You already understand that your time makes up your life, so you’re done with trading it away for a salary.

You’re willing to reimagine business entirely and if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, you’re in the right place.


The techniques I teach aren’t one size fits all. They’re a paradigm shift into brand new possibilities, giving you access to the unexpected and unprecedented. They’re time-bending, world-changing, and perspective-shifting.

Set aside everything you think you know about business as I introduce you to a scope beyond your understanding.

It’s time for a full reimagining.

My Backstory

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From child actress to business creator

I appeared on my first magazine cover at 6-months with my mom.

I was a paid professional actress by 9.

By 13 they nominated me for the South African Artist of the year award for my role as Annie in Annie.

In 2006 won a playwriting award for a children’s show I directed and produced.

I graduated from AFDA – the African School of Film and Drama and got my BA in performance.

After that, I’ve acted, written, directed, and produced in dozens of shows.

Moreover, I have won modeling competitions and appeared in dozens of magazines and on covers.

I’ve never held myself back from attention and recognition and love to help others to flaunt what they’ve got to.

“Show don’t sell” is my motto, and it works if you work wonders every time.

Introducing the secret ingredient: Love

How do you mind the gap between the dreams you have and the system you’re in?

You mix in the secret ingredient: LOVE.

Love is the purest essence of who you are.

When you put your LOVE into a PLAY space, it makes MAGIC.

I’ve always been driven to achieve my dreams. From childhood as a professional actress to marrying my junior-school crush to spontaneous immigration to America from South Africa, I go for what I want with abandon.

Putting myself out there comes naturally to me.

I believe that creative expression is ultimate freedom and I live my life toward that ideal.

I believe that our unique art comes from our hearts and that sharing what we love (and how we love) is what we’re here to do.

Love is at the center of reimagining businesses because it’s the center of everything.

So Love is your secret ingredient. 

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When in doubt: Add. More. You.

My essential training, Stand Out, shows you how to activate your creative genius, so that you rediscover trust in who you are. You’ll pour love into every offer you make. Activating your creative genius is module one of my signature training, Simply Irresistible, as it forms the foundation of your online persona, brand identity, and all your content creation for marketing and sales. Everything returns to love.

Below is the detailed version of my business story. Throughout every reimagining, my core philosophy: FREEDOM and FUN, drove me.


I only did what I loved until I didn’t anymore and then I’d up-level to the next stage. At first, I didn’t know what I was doing because typically what I was choosing to do hadn’t been done before. All I knew was that I followed my heart, and I always centered a community around whatever I created.

Combining what I loved into a community play space made the success I achieved feel like magic – and it still does.


Before I share my business journey, here’s my backstory. This set the stage for how I choose to do business. It all comes from entertaining an audience through theatrical performance. Knowing how to create characters, physicalize and act them out gave me an edge in marketing, because I brought something unique to the space:

I created brand personalities that people fell in love with.

My Business Journey

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What it was like, what happened and what it’s like now…

I was touring the country in a theatre show when the producer ran out of money.

From living my dream as a starlet one day to being unemployed the next, I vowed to never have an incompetent man in control of my livelihood again. Actress for hire proved too volatile for me and I wanted to be in control of my career.

I started Fame Academy Holiday workshops, teaching kids singing, dancing, acting, and musical theatre in the school holidays. After a few months, I expanded and opened Star Quality Performing Arts School. From my first class (with one student in a scout hall).  I scaled my business to a double-story house, (painted bright pink,) with a huge flower-filled landscaped garden and had over 100 students in attendance.


Over the next 2.5 years, I expanded my business to include Vintage Star bath and body products, Rehearsal clothing, a theatre production company, a birthday party entertainment division and opened an acting agency. It was a mini-empire built around kids expressing themselves and I loved it… until I didn’t.

Until I sold the performing arts school, the acting agency division (it still runs nationwide in South Africa today), and the new corporate entertainment division. And at 26, I retired to live on my farm estate with my then-husband.

Within 6-months I was bored and opened a showcase space called Malva (the first pop-up store in South Africa).

Malva became my equivalent of Richard Branson’s Virgin, and I used it for everything from pop-ups to products to parties to my marketing agency, referral network, and business academy.

Malva, the store, got lots of press and attention. Inside, I had a theatre (which still runs today as Pop Art Theatre in the same space), a coffee shop, and a variety of custom products, alongside products by top South African makers and designers. I even designed a hotel room. And my own homes made magazine covers.

When I moved back to my hometown after my divorce (did a quick reality tv show), I threw Miss Malva parties, co-created a theatre festival, ran markets, and did multiple events…until I had a shift in perspective…

I no longer wanted to be bound by time and space and that’s exactly what products in a shop and real-life events will do. I wanted to be free to work anytime, anyplace, on my own terms, and not held back in the slightest. As a result, I pivoted Malva from physical spaces and started Malva online services.

I have finally entered the world of the digital nomad with a laptop lifestyle vibe and soon was on the move again.

I launched my internationally recognized content marketing agency that

told stories and created experiences through content for communities.

And that was the seed of what Create Business Academy is today.

The last 10 years

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  • Started Malva Marketing Services
  • Wrote my marketing and motivation blog


  • Traveled internationally to clients, creating content, building websites and managing multiple social media accounts.
  • Started A Good Exchange


  • Grew my business and reopened in a new city, Cape Town.
  • Wrote and managed 9 blogs simultaneously.
  • Bought my apartment.




The turning point

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The Turning Point: Moving from South Africa to America

Lauren Wallett | Create Business Academy | Business Mentor and Muse. Your inner Creatirix is your mentor and muse. They've got the crone wisdom of your future self to guide you plus the sparks of genius to ignite your creative fire. | Business Mentor and Crew | Business Coach Los Angeles, International Business Coach, Celebrity Business Coach, Feminist Business Coach

Leave. Until staying feels like a holiday…

In 2016, a creepy corporate guy who never paid on time and lied about big bonuses hired me.

The accounts gave me marketing clout, and I got to prove my marketing methodologies with well-known global brands, but being in the toxic environment of misogynistic corporate culture was killing me.

In a world run by little men in cheap suits, I wanted to lounge in my feather-fringed robe on my cloud couch.

Why everything had to be put into a PowerPoint presentation, I’ll never know? The snail pace, policies, and procedures were (are) absurd to me. I’d strayed from the art in my heart and even though I wrote online magazines and blogged relentlessly, I needed to shift into a higher gear.

So I started the Rebella project, made a short film, gathered a community of fellow wild, wolf, women rising and took a creative sabbatical that landed in me in Los Angeles.

And I stayed here.

After deciding to stay, I went for a green card for exceptional ability as a celebrity entrepreneur. In fact, I have been here ever since.

But that meant I needed to build my credibility, reputation, and results with Americans, and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

I’m a quick start, so I dive in and learn through hands-on experience. As a result, I prove what I’m capable of by doing it. “Let me show you”  is my major point of difference. I offered free consults and built my reputation by doing the work. My results speak for themselves and my clients keep coming back for more.

Highlights include:

The Up-level: 2020’s Global Pandemic


Lauren Wallett | Create Business Academy | Business Mentor and Crew | Business Coach Los Angeles, International Business Coach, Celebrity Business Coach, Feminist Business Coach

The future is CREATIVE

My greatest up-level came in 2020.

At this point, I finally stopped listening to all my old, rich, white business mentors. After all, I realized: maybe he’s not born with it – maybe it’s white supremacy? Finally, I broke out the cult of capitalist patriarchy that had indoctrinated me.

I’d been to their 100k annual events, had one-on-one consultations with them, taken their courses, read their books, and realized that patriarchal premises belonged to a paradigm that no longer existed. Their advice wasn’t just bad, it was bullshit.

I did a training called, “How to make your Business your Sugar Daddy and move to your Beach House” and moved to my beach house in Hermosa Beach a month later.

I wrote my own business book called Business Reimagined and I’ve never looked back.

The more I’ve reimagined business, the more I’ve reimagined my entire life.

My business supports my writing habit, so I get to do what I truly love: write fairytales in coffee shops all day long. I work very little, earn very well and live a richly satisfying and romantic life.