For business owners, coaches, consultants, creatives, entrepreneurs, and CEOs who want to connect to abundance instead of fear and learn how to sell without selling (through a real-life example). Watch Lauren Wallett perform live on stage at Neil Strauss’s men’s transformational event in Los Angeles.

When Neil Strauss called me “Incredibly brilliant” at his personal transformation workshop, I felt elated.

Three days earlier, I’d shown up as a volunteer to register attendees and bring the microphone to audience members who wanted to ask questions. But the moment I arrived at the event, with my passive plans of soaking up his wisdom, I realized that what I actually wanted was to be on stage myself.

So, during our after hours staff-meeting when the question of “how to sell his membership program” came up, I jumped in. “I know how to sell,” I said. A month before, I’d been a high-ticket sales closer, selling webinar packages for $10k to $15k, and back in South Africa, I’d been the official pitch coach for Techstars, training founders how to pitch to secure millions of dollars in funding. But more than those experiences, I come from a performing arts background, have deep convictions about the necessity of community, and have the confidence to put myself out there to sell myself by sharing my talent.

When you’re not afraid of recognition and of being seen and heard, you get recognized. And when you know it’s not about you, but about your audience, you feel more confident about sharing your message. But if the idea of public speaking freaks you out, I’ve got you covered in How to confidently speak live – in the Video Star category inside The Vault.

This video is of me warming up the audience so that they buy, without thinking they’re being sold to.

Take the elevator path to success

I use the vehicle idea to sell my courses too. This example works to move your audience from passive voyeurs to actively purchasing from you.

The thing about a vehicle is that it carries you. With direction, it takes you where you want to go. There’s very little effort required after you show up and get inside.

An elevator takes anyone to the top. It doesn’t matter who’s inside. That’s because the structure is designed to move you. It’s built to transport you.

All my courses are vehicles that take you where you want to go. My latest is The Vault, which contains every course, training, and resource I’ve ever created. I built it over 5-years with all the step-by-step instructions and ideas to get you moving in your business. If you’re looking to make more money in your business, then the Sales Mastery category is for you.

You don’t need to slog it out like the other people pounding the pavement, trying to figure it out alone. You get to hop inside the elevator and go straight to the top with me 😉

Promotional Opportunity

This one’s for the camera shy readers! If you want to put yourself out there, but aren’t yet ready to step out onto the stage and screen to speak, then take this opportunity:

Summarize the video and list the key takeaways. I’ll post your summary and takeaways with “written by *your name* and link to your website, social media and email. 

I’m only giving this to one lucky reader so if that’s you, reach out to me at

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