If you want to grow your audience, you need to reach more people. You get to do that right here, right now, when you advertise your business on my blog.

Who should advertise their business here?

I give examples of the service providers and coaches under the blog posts below, but as an overview:

#1 If you’re in the business of helping your clients and customers to imagine and access a future that’s different from their current reality, then you’re in the perfect place to attract your next soulmate client.

#2 If you’ve been struggling with Instagram’s depleting reach, and already know what a scam Facebook ads are, and if you’ve tried everything you can think of to grow your audience so you can make more sales… then it’s time to exhale. I got you. Your growth plan just got a lot easier! I’ve done all the *hard* work for you.

#3 If you know you need to grow your audience and to do that, you know you need to feed them a steady stream of content, but the constant churn of content creation feels endless, then how about I do it all for you? Then…

Imagine if:

✅  I built you a gorgeous blog and filled it with posts and pictures?

✅  You have a complete pipeline of riveting blog posts prepped and ready for a year!

✅  You have pin-able posts with stunning visuals to share on Pinterest

✅  Your SEO is paid for, implemented, and working to drive traffic to your advertising

✅  You get thousands of visitors to your blog every week

✅  You have quotes and captions prepped and ready to post on Instagram

✅  You’ve got blog links to post on your personal and company LinkedIn page

✅  You have talking points for your next TikTok / Reel or live video

✅  You got to advertise YOUR BUSINESS by sharing an insightful thought piece that expands your audience’s perspective


You didn’t have to DO ANYTHING… because it was all done for you

It may sound like a dream you didn’t even know you had, coming true because IT IS.

Moving forward, I’m going to give you what you need most:

Brilliant content made for you and served to a connected community…

I’ll no longer offer my own programs and instead will give you the space to advertise your own offers: ON MY BLOG. ​

I get thousands of visitors every week, and now you can access your ad on my blog.

Here are 10 spots available for ads at only $100 each. You can book one spot or all. It’s first-come, first-serve. I’m only offering one ad space per blog because you’ll also get the bonus of being the blog post’s sponsor with an additional link at the end of the post.

Choose your favorite post and email hello@laurenwallett.com to book your ad space.

Advertise your business on this blog post

Content Strategy that should be illegal. This will make people obsessed with you!

(Great for life coaches, spiritual coaches, relationship coaches, fearless thought leaders, tarot readers and creatives)

Advertise your business on this blog post

The cookie strategy to turn your audience into your sales team

(Great for VA’s, copywriters, social media coaches, sales strategy coaches, and community managers)

Advertise your business on this blog post

How to get rich without working hard

(Great for life coaches, mindset coaches, and money coaches)

Advertise your business on this blog post

Understanding clients within 4 quadrants of time & money

(Great for launch strategists, sales coaches, offer creators, and money coaches)

Advertise your business on this blog post

Discover your content genius to play to your strengths on social

(Great for content creators and coordinators, content repurposes, VA’s, community managers, and social media specialists)

Advertise your business on this blog post

5 surprising reasons why you need to get on TikTok

(Great for community managers, TikTik coaches, video editors, growth strategists, and social media specialists)

Advertise your business on this blog post

Instagram deleted my business account with 12k followers [And It can happen to you]

(Great for PR agents, website designers and builders, LinkedIN coaches, Pinterest coaches, Facebook coaches, and TikTok coaches)

Advertise your business on this blog post

Clubhouse is just another meeting that never needed to happen

(Great for feminist coaches, anti-hustle business coaches, productivity coaches, and business strategists)

Advertise your business on this blog post

Build your business without the hustle

(Great for creativity coaches, clarity coaches, vision coaches, mindset coaches, and business-lifestyle coaches)

Advertise your business on this blog post

3×3 Marketing Map [The best way to align to your business goals this quarter]

(Great for VA’s, business strategists, productivity coaches, business coaches, sales coaches, and clarity coaches)

Next Steps:

Now that you’ve chosen your favorite post, email hello@laurenwallett.com to get started.

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