If your content zone of genius is audio, or you want to create audio content, then you’re in the right spot to get quick-win audio content strategies, a list of tech tools to support your content creation, and more.

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Hey Clairaudient! Do you hear words too? (I do!) It’s time to have your voice heard by the world. Talking, teaching and training will be easy for you. You think better when you speak out loud and may surprise yourself with what you say.

Benefits of Audio

You’re a natural speaker and conversationalist and do so well speaking on the fly. You can record your thoughts anytime, anyplace, without being camera ready. If you don’t already, consider starting a podcast because you’d be great at it.

There are two primary ways to do audio



Your Audio Strategy

I’d recommend a recording strategy for you. Record ideas, topics, and thoughts. Send your team and potential clients voice notes instead of writing to them. Transcribe your voice notes into text. Include Audio Recordings embedded into your teaching and training documents.

Audio Content Ideas

1.) Teaching and training about your process 

2.) The benefits of the outcome you deliver 

3.) Your personal story and how it relates to the work you do 

Tech Tools

Rev.com app to translate your audio files into text

Libsyn for your Podcast

Wavve.co for audio over image posts

Kapwing for subtitles

For more on Audio get The Ultimate Repurpose Pack inside The Vault.

The other zones of Content Genius

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Love, Lauren




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