Abandoning the paradigm of problem-solution marketing opens you up to possibilities. You’re released from the rhetoric of forceful shame and fear-based scarcity marketing. You start the conversation with the promise of where you finish.

From Problem to Promise

Over The Rainbow Strategy… where dreams come true.

This strategy enables you to show your future client a reality where their dreams have already come true. It’s the “what happens next” part of the story. If your clients want the destination, they’ll let you guide them to get there. You’ve painted a picture of something they want.

You want them to see, feel, touch and taste it. It needs to feel like a viable reality. The way to do that is to link the future dream reality to tangible real-life examples. We relate to specifics.

“Live a happy life” is generalized. How do you know you’re living a happy life? What happens when you do?

If you said “Go to bed smiling after a day fully spent” you’re adding a specific detail to the picture. You’re saying happiness without saying happiness.

It’s putting “Show to sell” into copywriting. It’s based on the best creative writing advice, “Show, don’t tell” by playwright, Anton Chekhov. You need to describe how the benefits of your business claim play out in their world. It’s the classic how to do this…so that this happens. “How to make your business your Sugar Daddy so that you can move to your beach house.”

The Over The Rainbow Strategy has a multi-level structure.

The overarching benefit of your business claim needs a title name like Business Reimagined. That’s what you’ll get.

Next, you add a progression statement: from this to this. From patriarchal to playful business. Now you know the current reality and where you’re going.

Then you’ll have your unique process. This is how you’ll guide your client through their transformational journey. Like, Business Alchemy.

Within your unique process, they’ll arrive at certain milestones. These are your stages, secrets, or parts that make up the whole. I have Love, Play, and Magic inside Business Alchemy. The benefits you get from each of the stages are Impact, Income, and Interdependence.

How you get the benefits is what you’ll do. Create your online persona, grow your connected community, and scale your offers. You’ll know you’ve done them because you’ll have the benefit described. You’ll have an online persona, a growing community, and scaling offers. And when you do, you’ll have a successful reimagined business to suit yourself.

Why not What

This structure is magic because it shows the value of what you do without actually explaining how you do it. It entices your client to work with you to get the benefits. You’re showing them the golden treasures without giving it all to them. You’re showing them why they’d want it and what to expect on their journey to get it.

Most people offer their starting point as the solution.

They say things like “Have more time. Stress less. Lose weight. Make more money.” But they leave out what happens next. The Over The Rainbow Strategy says, “That’s just the beginning.” It holds the promise of so much more.

Have more time to take your kids on picnics.

Stress less to feel like a Zen- Buddhist monk – but in heels.

Lose weight to look like your top angel Instagram pic.

Make more money so you can lavish your loved ones with spontaneous presents.

Imagine that your solution is stage one. What comes next? And what’s even better than that? Love, then play, then magic! Reimagine business to reimagine your entire life. Your business is just the first step to your Over The Rainbow life. Creating your treasures is playing all day. It’s making your fantasies come to life.

The Over The Rainbow Strategy confirms that the dreams that you dream of really do come true. You’ve had to have been there to describe the details for someone who wants to get to where you’re at.

The Over The Rainbow Strategy is how you master the messaging for your multiple irresistible offers.

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