“I’m getting into business” is more common than the saying “I’m birthing my business.” But birthing is closer to what business is because business is a creation.

So why would you imagine business is this difficult, out of reach entity? Why do you imagine it’s hard to do, instead of a natural extension of your self-expression? It’s because we live in a patriarchal society that’s fixated on power instead of focused on play. It’s why so many women in business speak about “empowering women” as if power is something that can be given.

Creativity is your most powerful untapped resource, and it can’t be taken from you because it’s innate. When you remember that business and money are just ideas, you can start playing with them. They can free you instead of trapping you.

Prepare yourself for possibilities 

Have you ever wanted to be something you’re not?

  • Have you ever thought I don’t have the time it takes for success?
  • Have you ever worried about what someone would say if they saw you on a video talking about your new business?
  • Have you ever decided you need to wait to make it better before sharing something?

We all have a running list of subconscious beliefs that drive us on autopilot. We don’t even know they’re there because we’ve accepted them as truths. Like, this is just the way the world works. There’s no getting around it. Here are some examples:

  • A successful businesswoman wears suits and stilettos. She has her hair perfectly done; her nails manicured, and has bright pink lipstick on.
  • A woman in touch with her femininity dances sensually in her underwear, burns sage, and sighs a lot.
  • An online marketer is perky and positive. She poses with her dog and posts uncontroversial opinions online. She’s always appropriate with her humor.

The only insecurities that are acceptable to mention are:

  • Guilt for not spending enough time with the hubby and kids
  • Worries about quarantine weight gain
  • Embarrassment about lapsed resolutions
  • Confessions about sneaky glasses of wine

If you don’t feel you belong in the world of boss babe, queen, or slayer, it’s because you don’t. The subconscious fear that you don’t fit in is because you’re scared to stand out.

We hold ourselves back by believing there’s a formula we need to follow. And there’s a paved way to get it right. Because there is no leading example that fits in with your vibe, so you stop before you’ve even started. But what if:

You’re the leading example.

By sharing who you are, you shine as an alternative example for others.

So how do you unleash limitless thinking?


Then you’ll:

  • Activate your phoenix magic mindset and
  • Step into love with play to make magic
  • You get comfortable being uncomfortable. You prepare yourself to STAND OUT.

Create Business Academy will show you how.

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