To infinity and beyond! With ChatGPT4 Plug-ins. We’re talking Productivity, Expansion, and Opportunity in today’s revelatory post. Prepare to have your mind blown. You’ll want to sit down for this one…

GPT-4 is the latest iteration of OpenAI’s advanced language model, and its plugins are nothing short of revolutionary.

They’re redefining business productivity, creating new avenues for expansion, and opening up unprecedented opportunities. And it’s happening faster than we ever imagined. The development is exponential and with it are a billion new possibilities for you.

You can catch this wave and make it the ride of your life or you can get crushed underneath and wind up dumped on shore. It’s time to choose bravery and ride the AI wave. Fast.

How can you access the plug-ins?

Plug-ins are in beta and being rolled out to chatGPT4 subscribers.

Here’s a TikTok explainer video showing you exactly how to access the plug-ins.

Solving Backlog Problems with AI Productivity

With GPT-4 plugins, mundane and repetitive tasks can be automated seamlessly, freeing up the workforce to focus on more complex and strategic tasks.

My Podcast Backlog Problem

One of my biggest problems is my podcast backlog. I have 4 months of weekly podcasts to record and that’s just for this blog!

Since moving to New York and relaunching Malva Media to support the growth of my startup Creatrix, I now have two more blogs I write for (and I’d like to have two more podcasts for the audio companions of these new blogs) BUT right now, I can’t even keep up with one!

Not to mention my passion project: my poetry blog over at Rebella Nation. I’d love a podcast for that too!

Now, Malva PR – that baby blog is on the back burner, but the others keep me up at night! I want them and I can’t make the time.

I also don’t want to spend on a team building out 3-4 new blogs when I’m bootstrapping a startup and am investing all that I have into Creatrix software development.

My Podcast AI Solution

Using the chatGPT4 plug-in called Speachki I got chatGPT to record the audio for me.

Here’s the completed podcast for your listening pleasure!

And I get a dedicated podcast host, if you agree he gets the job? Meet Joaquin, my AI Podcasting Robot here.

Summaries & Expansions

Then there is the Video Insights plugin which takes your youtube videos and interprets them how ever you like.

For example, I took this video and asked chatGPT for the 5 main points from the video:

chatGPT’s only mistake was in spelling Playtriarchy as patriarchy but I knew what it meant.

And what a perfect summary of the Playtriarchy philosophy!


Then I took a video that unpacked one key point from a blog (this blog: Bikinis, Boys & Babes: Kim Kardashian’s Top-Liked Posts Revealed)- to expand into its own blog.

I did upload this TikTok to Youtube first – because there isn’t a TikTok video plugin for chatGPT (yet).

ChatGPT did get a little stuck with this video but the output is still a great starting point for a stand-alone blog. And I could easily replace the paragraph that starts with “Unfortunately… effectively” with the embedded video itself as I only wanted a blog to encase the video and drive the audience toward booking their own audit.

So even broken, it works.

Endless Possibilities Await

I have barely scratched the surface with what these chatGPT plug-ins can do as I’ve only spent a few hours playing with them and already I have generated quality lasting work. Including the inspiration to write this blog!

There is so much more to discuss and unpack!

But instead of telling you, I’ll show you the new Creatrix Podcast Trailer ChatGPT helped me write today.

Not to mention the TikTok videos I was able to generate because of the exploration into this bright new AI world!

The future belongs to the brave

What are you waiting for? Dive into AI and go all-in! You won’t regret it.

And to find out when my next AI and chatGPT training is, email me directly right here, right now.

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Love, Lauren

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