Lauren Wallett’s book, Love, Play, Magic: Business Reimagined details the shift from patriarchal to playful business.

Feeling disheartened by boring, stoic business practices?

Overwhelmed by perky marketing gurus’ swilling the same inane drivel online?

Take off your business hat and slip into satin slippers and a robe. It’s time to twirl into the way of play.

Welcome to the pleasure zone of business done differently.

Lauren Wallett, Business Creatrix and Creative Director, will show you how with her unique world perspective and incomparable insight.

In this book, she shares intuitive business guidance and three secret ingredients which will sail you over the rainbow to beyond your wildest version of success – before you can say Abracadabra.

Lauren’s world is a place of unmatched magic where 1 plus 1 = 11.

Hold on to your kaftan, because the winds of change are blowing and next thing you know, you’ll be eating cupcakes on a beach, wearing a bikini, holding a puppy, and making more money than you ever dreamed possible.

You’ll remember how to align your lifestyle with your business goals. Learn key insights – such as The way of Play and How to get RICH without working hard so you can get more than you want and lavish your loved ones. Plus, how to create a regenerative business that keeps your clients coming back for more without having a niche, a particular business model, or crushing any competition.

Lauren’s business philosophy puts you back into a league of your own where your legacy is love. You’ll never have to worry about sleazy sales seduction ever again.

Jam-packed with the most delicious tips and tricks, Love Play Magic: Business Reimagined bursts the patriarchal bubble of outdated business rules and introduces compassionate alternatives. Extend your impact in the world, quadruple your income, and celebrate business interdependence within a supportive and dynamic community.

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