Turn chatGPT into your brainstorming buddy who never gets tired, is always up for a creative challenge, and loves brainstorming with you at any time of the day or night. You just need to know how to speak to robots…

Are you ready to meet your new best friend? Because you’re about to.

No more bothering your partner or sister or roommate or coworker with “Hey, what do you think about this line?” Now you’ll just ask ChatGPT and it will tell you AND give you alternative suggestions.

Get a creative genius in your pocket when you learn how to communicate with chatGPT.

Limitless Ideas in Seconds:

You’re about to see what happens when chatGPT takes one creative prompt and turns it into a treasure trove of customized ideas to spark starter scripts, captions, and copy for all your digital marketing copy deliverables

In this guide, you’ll get 20 examples from one single prompt. But you can use it to generate hundreds, even thousands of iterations.

You’ll also see how to connect intimately with your audience by speaking to their innermost thoughts at the deepest human level ♥️ (With the right creative prompt.)

Who knew a robot could do that?

ChatGPT can when you know how to train her right.

Below is your step-by-step guide to using AI for creative brainstorming and content creation. All yours for free.


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