Content and Community Consulting to Grow Your Small Business.

You’re a force of nature, vibrant, multi-faceted and a complex creature…

You’re talented and determined, but you’ve been working too hard for too long.

You want a business that works for you, so why does it seem like you’re working for it?

You have so much you want to achieve, with big visions still to create but you feel like time slips away each day and it’s just not happening fast enough –  even though you’re doing the legwork.


You’re not wrong. There are so many moving parts and variables to take care of simultaneously. Plus millions of new ideas for you to implement. Of course, you’re feeling overwhelmed! I totally get it, I’ve been there too. Until I completely reimagined business and radically transformed my success rate in a non-patriarchal way. That meant creating a business that works for me and not forcing myself to do business anyone else’s way.

Discover the 2.0 version of your business

Work less and play more when you stop the unnecessary “busy” work and get strategic about your ultimate legacy creation.

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Pulled in a million different directions & doing it all?


Create Business Academy | Lauren Wallate 7 | International Business Coach, Celebrity Business Coach, Feminist Business Coach, Best business coach Los Angeles

I see you trying to do 15 tasks all at once

  • Managing your business
  • Setting up shop online
  • Posting on social media
  • Setting up your email list
  • Brainstorming your nurture sequence
  • Defining your offers
  • Planning your podcast
  • Writing your book
  • Training your team
  • Learning new technology
  • Creating your courses
  • Studying more courses
  • Offering one-on-one sessions
  • Paying your bills AND
  • Trying to live your #bestlife during a global pandemic!


Yes, your multi-tasking could put a Cirque du Soleil juggler to shame, but it’s A LOT. It’s exhausting, and it doesn’t need to stay like this. 


Truth Talk: Do you really need to do all these things? Yes, you do – but the good news is, not in the way you’ve been doing it and not all alone. 

Up until now, you’ve been doing the exhausting, overwhelming version – like taking the stairs. I’m going to introduce you to the elevator version of your success. 

When you focus on a content strategy to grow your community, you create a waitlist of clients. Ultimately, you get to work less and LIVE more.

That’s what she said

Create Business Academy | Business Reimagined 5 | Business Coach Los Angeles, International Business Coach. Celebrity Business Coach, Best business coach Los Angeles, Feminist Business Coach

Leveling up? Take the elevator to success.

Your business is a vehicle of transformation. If it’s feeling more like a pumpkin than a carriage, it’s time for some fairy godmother magic… that’s where I come in.

Think of me as your

  • Accountability and velocity partner
  • Human equivalent of a triple-shot mocha
  • Not-so-silent business partner on speed dial

Together, we’ll co-create your dream business, one cup of coffee at a time. 

Get relief and rapid acceleration

Mentorship with me is like discovering the elevator option. You’re heading straight to the top of your game. Forget the slog-version of climbing 20 flights of stairs and hop on into success. You don’t need to do exhausting leg work – there is a softer, easier way. But don’t just take my word for it…

When everything is said and done, you’re here to leave behind a legacy of love

You’re here to impact the world, create generational wealth, and experience more freedom than you’ve ever known. It’s time for your legacy creation, your way. It starts with maximizing your business to its fullest potential.


Introducing The Business Maximization Framework

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Time is Freedom

  • Clarify your legacy vision
  • Transform your overwhelming to-do list into a structured virtual drawing board
  • Focus on your highest value activities first
Create Business Academy | A woman with money


Money is Power

  • Set up, structure, and systematize your business online
  • Document your processes to outsource and scale your team
  • Streamline your potential client access points
Create Business Academy | A woman with business | Business Mentor for Service Providers, Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners


Business is Creation

  • Align your business goals with your marketing map
  • Create mesmerizing content and repurpose the rest
  • Make more of what you love and do less of what you loath

12 Deep-Dive Sessions with Lauren Wallett to Maximize your Business through Content & Community.

You set the pace. Choose from THE ACCELERATOR: 3-Months [Most Popular] or THE SLOW & STEADY: 6-Months or THE TAKE IT EASY: 12-Months for your 1:1 Sessions with Creative Strategist and Small Business Consultant, Lauren Wallett.


Create Business Academy | Lauren Wallate 8 | Best business coach Los Angeles, Feminist Business Coach, Celebrity Business Coach, Business Coach for Entrepreneurs, Consultants

Finally, Achieve Freedom from your endless “to-do” list

Prioritize to simplify your business

We’ll start with your highest ROI opportunities, joy-makers, and energy-enhancers and align your business to your heart.

Optimize your business online

Next, we’ll see where you’re leaving money on the table. I’ll show you how to earn more with what you already offer. Plus, get the support of a 24/7 superhuman team for a fraction of the price after you make technology work for you.

Maximize your marketing for more sales

Finally, magnetic marketing is how you’ll set yourself apart and put yourself where you belong: into a league of your own. From copywriting to original campaigns to content ideas – I’ve got you covered. We’ll dream them up and do them together. From ideas to implementation.

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Content & Community Consultant, Lauren Wallett.

A blend of your personal hype-girl and strategic business partner mixed with some fairy-godmother magic. Part mentor, part muse, here to serve you in reaching your highest business potential possible. If you want to play small and safe, we won’t be a good match, but if you’re ready to redirect your business and start creating your legacy, you’ve come to the right spot!

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 “I thought I needed an assistant but it turned out that with the right systems in place, I don’t! Lauren shifted my perspective and I’ve had more time to become clearer about my future vision– which is much bigger and more about me than I’d previously thought! I started a business board, expanded my community, outsourced the right team.”
Samantha Peszek, Beam Queen Bootcamp
Create Business Academy | Consult 2 | Business Coach for Consultant, Business Owners, Feminist Business Coach, Celebrity Business Coach
“I used to feel chaotic and disjointed like I was always catching up. Now I feel structured with a plan and processes in place. My business has taken off. I’ve signed deals that were previously stagnant, gotten new clients, and am growing each month. I now understand the value I bring to my clients and feel better about myself because of it.”
Keri Ann Kimble, K Star Entertainment
Create Business Academy | Consult 1 | International Business Coach, Business Mentor for Business Owners, Coaches, Service Provider, Consultants, Entrepreneurs
“I was ready to take myself seriously and invest in my future, so I started working with Lauren. She not only increased my confidence and provided me with structure, she also made me think outside the box and gave me incredible tools to become the best version of myself. I didn’t realize  what I was truly capable of – I’m more than I ever dreamed possible.”
Jonathan Mogharrabi, Luxury Property Agent

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