Before you repurpose your content you need to coordinate it so that it’s on hand and ready to go quickly and easily. This post breaks down how to best do that so that your content repurposing becomes a breeze and you get the most out of your content marketing efforts.

Coordinating your content can be a time-consuming and challenging process, especially if you have a large volume of content to manage.

That’s where content bundling comes in – by grouping similar pieces of content into specific categories or “bundles,” you can streamline your content coordination process and make it easier to access and repurpose your content across different platforms.

Coordinate to Repurpose

Coordinating your content is about ensuring consistency and alignment across all platforms and touchpoints so that you can repurpose your content so that you amplify and maximize the existing value.

What are the 2 layers of Content coordination?

Layer 1:

The big picture of content coordination is that all of your content is aligned with your brand’s messaging and values. It ensures that your content is consistent across all platforms and touchpoints, which is crucial for building a powerful brand identity and/or establishing your online persona.

But this post looks at content coordination at a granular level with your content in action so that you get the most out of everything you’ve ever created. We’re diving into layer 2 of content coordination:

Layer 2:

This layer of content coordination enables you to repurpose your content across multiple platforms and touchpoints. This means you can reach a wider audience and maximize the impact of your content without creating new content from scratch.

How to Bundle Content

You can call it:

  • Content bundles
  • Content batching
  • Content buckets

Based on your

  • Content Categories
  • Content Clusters
  • Content Silos
  • Content Pillars
  • Content Themes

But basically, it all means: grouping similar things together.

This particular Create Business Academy sales strategy is to group your content based on what you’re actually selling because we’re here to help you do business.

The Best way to Bundle

The best way to bundle is to choose one product or service at a time and then group all the related content together into a folder on your laptop or phone.

So when you’re bundling your content, base it on your:

  • Products
  • Services

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Making it Easy to Repurpose Fast

The biggest benefit of coordinating your content into bundles or products and services is that it allows you to easily access organized content.

By containing content in specific groups, you can quickly locate and access the specific pieces of content you need for a particular campaign or project.

Content Coordination is your prep work for speedy repurposing.

When you know what type of content falls under each category, you can plan and prepare your content more efficiently. This means you can create content in bulk and repurpose it across multiple platforms, and touchpoints leading to a more streamlined and effective content strategy.

Content coordination is an organizational framework that helps you to create a more efficient and effective process for planning your content calendar and repurposing your content.


Coordinate your content so you can repurpose your content easily

Key Takeaways

The Best way to Bundle is into products and services

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