Discover your content genius to play to your strengths on social

If you’re a content creator, marketer, advertiser, media manager, social media manager, or solopreneur who’s running all the parts of your business, discovering your content genius lets you play to your strengths on social which makes posting so much easier!

Take the quiz below to discover your content genius.

Then you can double down on your strengths and/or supplement them with additional strategies from the other zones of genius. 

Here are the 5 zones of content genius:

The 5 zones of Content Genius

Here’s what happens when you’ve discovered your content genius:

Completing your content calendar gets easy-peasy because you only focus on making your strongest content and repurposing from there.

You’ll keep your audience coming back for more with your signature content genius

Growing your community happens organically post by post

You’ll convert your scrollers into sales and attract a waitlist of clients and customers who can’t wait to buy what you offer them.

Sound good? I’ll tell you what’s better. Discovering your zone of content genius and it only takes minutes to find out what yours is!

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