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Dynamic Support To Scale Your Business into a Legacy Empire

More sales | Simplified marketing | Structure to grow business

You want more than a profitable business, so you’ve been looking for a business coach. Since, you also wish for a connected community that shares your vision for a brighter future. Create Business Council is the mastermind/mentorship hybrid model you’ve been looking for. Learn how to stand out online, create and sell your offers.

RECEIVE Personal feedback, specific insight, and generous guidance as you grow. We’ll reverse engineer your marketing plan to accelerate your results. Get your custom marketing strategy by Lauren Wallett & council from a boss community.

Create a business that outlives you when you leave a legacy of love.

Love in Action always exceeds expectations. 

Sell without selling & Get Rich without working hard

Create Business Academy | Business Reimagined 5 | Business Coach Los Angeles, International Business Coach. Celebrity Business Coach, Best business coach Los Angeles, Feminist Business Coach

Imagine Creating Your Legacy Empire from the Art in your HeArt…

✔︎ Ready to build a waitlist of clients?

Build your Sales Runway so that you have more than enough and get to be super selective about who you work with.

✔︎ Want to skip 3 years of start-up struggle and Master Sales in 9 months?

Accelerate your success with action-packed training, complete resources, and your own hype & support team

✔︎ Allow growing to feel easy with hand-held support & expert guidance

Mentorship from the incomparable Lauren Wallett gives you legacy vision, intuitive insight to tap into your own creative genius and, out-the-box inspirations to keep you playing in a league of your own.

The Create Business Council reveals how to keep clients coming back for more without selling

 It’s true: Add some show to your business and you’ll never have to sell again.

That’s what she said

Your Creative Power Is Already Inside You – It’s Your Magic

If you want to feel in flow and ultimately thrive in your business, you need to replenish, nurture, and support yourself within a community. Just because you can do it alone, it doesn’t mean you have to. That’s the magical power of an interdependent business.

Sustainable business is sexy, and it’s done one. cup. of. coffee. at. a. time.

Hey, Dream Maker.

Welcome to Create Business Council.

Inside every entrepreneur is an artist seeking self-expression. So how do you marry loving what you do with making money from it? You’d do it for free if you could. But first, you need to make money because there’s no freedom without it. However, there’s an Art to Sales which liberates you when you know how it’s done. The Art of Sales is a skill you’ll craft with practice. And I’ll show you how, based on your existing content, in our weekly feedback sessions. It’s far less effort than selling the sleazy way. It becomes second nature and soon you won’t even think about it.

Based on my history as a professional actress, award-winning playwright, official TechStars pitch coach,  marketing director for the board of Silicon Cape, Judge for Start-Up Chillie, and running a successful content marketing agency in South Africa for 6 years, I’ve developed a simple customizable strategy that puts the SHOW back in Business.

Create Business Academy | Lauren Wallett_Mastermind_12 | Business Coach Los Angeles, International Business Coach, Celebrity Business Coach, Best business coach Los Angeles, Feminist Business Coach

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Creatrix, Lauren Wallett.

A blend of your personal hype-girl and strategic business partner mixed with some fairy-godmother magic. Part mentor, part muse, here to serve you in reaching your highest potential possible.

Attract | Engage | Sell

Create Business Council Includes

Create Business Academy | Create Business Academy_Business Coach_Mentorship | International Business Coach, Celebrity Business Coach, Business Coach for Business Owners, Service Providers, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants


Creatrix and Celebrity Entrepreneur, Lauren Wallett, gives you:

  • Weekly feedback on your content when you need it most [$1000 value per month] and hosts
  • Monthly mastery sessions [$1000 value per month] to help you craft the most effective growth strategy for your business.

You’ll Build your Influence with Integrity and Grow your Community with Confidence. 

Create Business Academy | Alternative Business School | Business Coach for Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Service Providers, Business Owners


All-access to Create Business Academy valued at +$12 000.

  • Create your Online Persona
  • Grow your Community
  • Scale your Business with Multiple Offers

Enjoy the full VIP vault of training, courses, classes, resources & Lauren’s original library of guidebooks. For the complete collection of what’s included, tap for more.

Create Business Academy | Business Council | Business Coach for Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Service Providers, Business Owners


Join the council to build your network, brainstorm, get feedback and:

  • Bounce ideas between brilliant minds
  • Get the support you need to grow your community
  • Learn interdependent structure to scale your business

The council is where you’ll Get Inspired and Hired / Set-Up and Sold-Out! [$500 value per month].

9 Months to 10X your Business

The Council runs from February 2022 through to October 2022

Do you make money while you sleep?

You won’t get rich off a single offer. The obsession with a single focus is actually what’s keeping you stuck. You’ll need multiple revenue streams. Offers that make you money while you sleep. The good news is, you already have offers like that, you just need to repurpose them into evergreen content. I’ll show you how to guarantee dream clients with my:

  • Simple Multiplicity System™
  • The Golden Offer Structure™
  • 4 Quadrants of Time & Money

[All included inside Create Business Council Bonus Resources.]

Create Business Academy | Lauren Wallett Business Mentor | International Business Coach, Business Coach Los Angeles, Celebrity Business Coach, Best business coach Los Angeles, Feminist Business Coach

Master the Art of Sales

The truth about business is you’re not actually IN business until you’re making money. In short, you can’t live your best life or build your dream business until you SELL.

We often see sales as this sleazy, gross part no one wants to do. Except that without it, you don’t have a business. You have (at best) a time-consuming hobby and (at worst) a money-draining distraction.

There’s an art to selling that doesn’t include:

❌ Funnels & Facebook Ads

❌ Someone else’s sales scripts

❌ Third, studying sales psychology

❌ And lastly, Overcoming objections so they can’t say no.

The ART of sales is about Desire NOT fear. It’s based on want, not need. There is NO TRICKERY involved.

❌ It’s not about coercion, manipulation, and force.

✅ It’s about truth, respect & acceptance.

[Over +$25 000 of value]

The Create Business Council is now available for $9 900

Need Less?

Content Creators Council is an advanced program for business owners, their VA’s, and marketing managers. If you’re just starting out on social media, learn more about Content Creators. Content Creators is the early iteration of the council and it’s only focused on growing your community through content creation.