Activate Your Creative Genius

How To Rediscover Trust In Your Creative Self, Follow Your Intuition, And Stand Out Online.

Create A Brand Your Audience Loves

Achieve creative excellence by activating your creative genius and rediscovering trust in your creative self. Form a baseline of brilliance for all your offers, pursuits, and endeavors as you evolve your brand and business into all its potential.  And all the while, staying true to you.



the smartest direction to follow is the ART from your heart

[Activate Your Creative Genius is a CBA timeless classic and our original signature training.]

Who is Activate Your Creative Genius for?

Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Service Providers, and Job Seekers ~

who know that there’s MORE they could be achieving, enjoying, and having if

they just knew how to unlock access to their next level of peace, joy, and fulfillment.

[That’s exactly what activating your creative genius shows you how to achieve.]

Share the Art from your Heart in all your endeavors for richly satisfying experiences

Not just business. Life too.

Inside Our Creative Genius Curriculum:

✔︎ unit 1: Free Association: part 1 & 2

Discover secrets about yourself and your brand you didn’t know yet to creative powerfully creative combinations to set yourself apart online.

[Videos, Audios, PDF and Bonus Material] [Value $97]

✔︎unit 2: My Brand Personality

Learn how to humanize your brand so that your audience falls in love with its quirks, complexities paradoxes just like they would with a person. Define your tone of voice, writing style and visual translation.

[Video, Audio, PDF and Bonus Material] [Value $97]

✔︎ unit 3: IF Game

Spark your imagination to discover unique aspects and interesting facets of your brand to share in a multitude of ways from online to real life. Prepare to create a holistic, 360 degree, sensory immersive experience for your living, breathing brand.

[Video, Audio, PDF and Bonus Material] [Value $97]


✔︎ unit 4: Story Time

Set the stage for Message Mastery as you condense the most vital aspects of your brand into bite size edutainment to share on social as videos, posts, blogs, emails and more.

[Video, Audio, PDF and Bonus Material] [Value $97]


✔︎ unit 5: Brand Life

Discover how to visually and verbally express your brand online. Then, translate your creative genius into all your written and visual content. Plus define your brand intention to set the tone for all your offers.

Learn how to create reference and mood boards based on your unique brand genius for creative briefs and digital designs. Plus

Create Your Brand Bible & Style Guide

[Video, Audio, PDF and Bonus Material] [Value $297]

✔︎ unit 6: Stand Out

Bonus Sessions of Activate Your Creative Genius and Stand Out in live classes with intuitive feedback, guidance and examples to add to your brand. Including:

    • Creative techniques to “un-stuck” yourself
    • Creative Genius extraction games
    • Imagination expansion prompts
    • Hot seats to practice “Perfuction” so that you get comfortable expressing your flawsome self.

[X6 hours of Video training] [Value $197]

The Activate Your Creative Genius course is valued at over $900

Our content creation course offers unparalleled value, with a combined worth of over $900. By enrolling, you’ll gain access to exclusive resources, practical strategies, and innovative techniques that will revolutionize your approach to creativity in every endeavor.

What You Get When You Activate Your Creative Genius

You Get To Create A Stand Out Brand Online:

Translate Your Creative Genius Into Your Brand Bible, Style Guide, Social Media Strategy & Content Calendar

#1 Brand Bible

Set the precedent for everything you offer, share, sell and do

Your brand bible:

  • Defines your Brand Personality to give specific attributes with human qualities that build relationships through engagement
  • Selects your Brand Categories to include the hobbies and associations for a full circle holistic approach to marketing
  • Details your Brand Philosophy to determine what makes your unique brand based on what you stand for
  • Sets the tone for your Heart-Centered Creative Strategy that creates a connected feedback-rich community

#2 Style Guide

Become instantly recognizable and build an iconic brand that your community loves

Your style guide:

  • Defines your Brand Style with the look and feel of your brand personality online so that it’s a credible and recognizable brand
  • Selects your Brand Elements into colors, shapes, textures, and fonts so that your visual content stands out online
  • Details your Digital Designs Templates for repeatable, scalable content creation
  • Sets your Design Rules for your visual do’s, and don’ts so that there is a cohesive brand blueprint to follow

#3 Social Media Strategy

Only post what gets you results like more engagement, a growing audience, and sales from social media.

Your social media strategy:

  • Defines your Business Goals so you know why you’re completing each task and cut out all unnecessary busywork
  • Selects your Frequency for platforms, planning, and posting to find a sustainable rhythm that works for you
  • Details the Plan of what you do when to minimize time spent and maximize efficiency
  • Sets your Step-by-Step System so that you can hand it over when you grow or outsource your team

#4 Content Calendar

Know exactly what to post when and where to grow your audience.

Your content calendar:

  • Defines your Row Flow so you style your social media platform with a coordinated pattern that sets your page apart from your competitors
  • Selects your Themes for the day, date, month, and special events, so you can plan content in advance
  • Details your Brand Categories (from your Brand Bible) so you’re building your community with resonating content that turns your audience into people who share, save, and buy
  • Sets the Call to Action for purpose-driven results-focused content


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At Create Business Academy, our courses are designed as living, evolving resources that keep pace with the ever-changing digital landscape.

We continuously update our curriculum with the latest AI developments and cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our students stay ahead of the curve.

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