Ready to conduct your very own symphony of success? It’s a two-part harmony of process and outcome goals. Strike the balance and you’ll hear the song of sweet success that plays out over time, on repeat.

Achievement isn’t an isolated incident, but rather a combination of dedicated processes and direct outcomes. It’s a harmonious blend where consistent action directs the journey toward tangible results, creating a winning strategy.

Process vs Outcome Goals

Here’s how to set goals that you can actually accomplish that won’t stress you out.

An outcome goal is a direct result, like enrolling three new clients.

It puts a lot of pressure on you and you actually can’t control the outcome because an outcome goal relies on the decisions of others.

When you’re obsessed with outcomes, you’re trapped in thinking you can control more than what’s humanly possible. Control is a nasty trick. You think control works for you, but you work for it! It’s outdated and patriarchal. Here’s an alternative.

A process goal is something you’ll commit to like: go live on Instagram every day.

This is something you can control because it’s up to you.

You don’t know what the results will be but you can do your part and show up to commit to the process. You’ll feel proud of doing what you said you’d do instead of discouraged that it didn’t work out as you’d planned.

Your business is a creative process and it’s made up of combining multiple ideas. They’re all just ideas: your offer, your launch, your nurture sequence.

Remember, it’s not about getting it right or quitting, it’s about keeping it going.

How To Measure Success

But, and, this is a big BUT: it’s pointless and a total waste of time to commit to a process that gets you nowhere or worse, drives you into failure. So you need to have measures and checkpoints in place to make sure you’re actually getting somewhere with your process.

If you’ve been posting videos every day for weeks on end and none of them are working, you need to address your creative strategy. Most problems and solutions start and end with your creative strategy.

To test your creative strategy you need to post so you have nothing without data to analyze but after a month, you’ll have enough data to check your progress to adjust for improvement.

Do Performance Reviews

Remember it’s not personal, it’s a piece of content. You’ve already achieved your progress goal of creating it. The next part is to review the results to achieve a successful future outcome again and again.

Let’s use posts as a simple example. Do performance reviews on your posts.

Post Check Please!

Check in with your posts. How did they perform? What can you improve.

The best way to do this is to AUDIT THEM. (You can do this yourself or use Creatrix to do it for you.)

Track your posts and rank the best ones into your top posts.

What made them successful?

Only focus on the best posts and stop doing all the rest.

If none of the posts are working, it’s back to the drawing board. The good news is, you’re now backed up with a bunch of ideas NOT to try again so you know exactly what not to do and get to experiment with brand new ideas to post.

Measure In Love

Are you overlooking the obvious?

What do you see when you look at these two account reviews done by Malva Media?

It’s impossible to see the obvious if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

The BEFORE account has low views and haphazard posts.

The AFTER account has multiple viral videos, higher view and strategy (the videos are labeled with different themes).

The more you specify what you test, the easier it is to double down on what works best.

For example:


  • Crafting: Mending a hole video was a huge success. Post more like that.
  • Crafting: Peg Loom Weaving was a huge success. Post more like that.
  • Crafting: Twill Weave Mending was a huge success. Post more like that.

If you don’t know what you’re tracking, or what you’re measuring you will have no idea WHY something works and may unintentionally stop doing it. Then you run the risk of undoing all the great work you did and revert back to the same low views, less interaction or worse – loose all your engagement and stop growing all together!

You don’t want that.

A simple measure is: measure in love. How many people heart your posts? Let your audience be your compass and what they love lead the way.

And if you don’t want to spend hours or days analyzing and auditing all your posts, Creatrix does it all for you in seconds.

For Rebellious A-types

As a rebellious A-type, I love to set outcome goals. Because sometimes I want to control the universe with sheer will and determination. So I don’t quit until it’s DONE. But when it is, I often feel empty because it doesn’t feel like enough so I set a new goal.

When I focus on process goals, I’m encouraged by the progress I make on the journey. I feel far more satisfied because the results are my own! My business is my business and I can only ever do my part. The rest is up to everyone else and isn’t my business to worry about.

If you’re anything like me, I hope this helps you ease into alternative goal setting. And to measure your outcome goals, you’ve got Creatrix to do it all for you.


Combine process and outcome goals for your winning strategy

Key Takeaways

Do performance reviews

Measure in love

Let Creatrix Audit for you

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