“Vulnerability” has been co-opted by marketers. Instead, create intimacy like an artist. You don’t need to expose yourself and capitalize on your pain to connect with your audience. Authentic connection comes from intimacy.

What we think of as traditional creativity is really just an intimate expression.

It’s what connects us to great art, music, and dance. When you’re able to connect with yourself, you’re able to connect with others. And this ability to connect is our future currency.

The art from your heart isn’t your vulnerability. It’s intimacy.

Once I had a doormat that had “Come as you are” printed on it. I loved it because that’s what showing up is all about. It reminded me of Kurt Cobain’s song with the same name. He was another tortured soul whom the world loved but who found it impossible to live on earth. He wasn’t trying to be vulnerable with his pain. He channeled it into art straight from his bleeding, bruised, and broken heart. And the world went wild for it. His art came from his heart. It’s the same with you.

Vulnerability is exposure whereas intimacy is expression. 

You don’t need to remember all the times you were vulnerable and share them. You just reveal where you’re at right now. Show up as you are. There is no such thing as too much or not enough. You’re Goldilocks (just right) for someone as you are.

We each resonate with different things, but we can only reveal our own truth. And your truth is what you love. What you love reveals a lot about you. Do that and others will resonate with you.

The truth is more than enough. And yours is the most valuable asset you have. Share all that you love. Share your heART out.

Your love is for sharing, not selling.

How do you share without over-sharing?

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