If money wasn’t a factor and you had every single resource at your fingertips, who would you hire in your dream team?

I start this imagination game by visualizing what I want in the big-picture vision for my business…

And then guess the types of tasks that someone would need to do to make that happen. Then I group them into services or roles like this:

The Vision:

My Rebella Nation luxury candle collection is a household name – with a cult following like Le Labo back when it started in New York City.

The Tasks To Do:

Launch the new candle collection

The Team

A launch strategy (service) or a launch strategist (team role)

You can choose to list services or roles. For a comprehensive list of services you may need, visit Malva Media Services.

For this blog, I’ve chosen to create my dream team. And in my dream, my team members are dogs…

[In reality, I work with ai, tech tools, and an aggregated creative team. A simple way to explain the aggregator model is like a Hollywood movie, where the best of the best is pooled together to create a blockbuster and then everyone goes on about their lives. I do not believe in paying for desk space, water coolers, and air-conditioning when the reality is, the best people for the job live all over the world and true creatives aren’t employable. True creatives will always choose the freedom of creative expression over the security of a paycheck so I pull them in when a project is riveting enough to hold their brilliant minds and attention. How to attract creatives is like herding cats, and that’s a whole other post!]


I don’t like war terms so titles like “Chief Financial Officer” are dull and off-putting for me.

Aside from all being dogs, in my dream team, everyone is first and foremost a Creative who supports the big vision.

So here’s who I’d have:

Creative Care Organizer:

They ensure I’m pampered, relaxed, and easing into my day with joy and grace. Tells me I’ve got this, I’m unstoppable and am pure radiant magic with an alchemist’s touch who magnetizes my dreams toward me…. ah sounds so good already!

Creative Chaos Organizer:

They structure my ideas and to-do lists and sets the cadence and velocity into a flow chart and calendar. Kind of like a strategist.

Creative Coffee Organizer:

They make me coffee, take me to get coffee, and bring me coffee. They also pay for my coffee, so you can get this role right here. Lucky you!

Creative Support Team:

Then I’d have my legal dog for contracts and compliance.

My financial advisor and money mover, maker, and shaker – researching the best banks and credit cards, loans and grants, etc, and keeping my books organized.

Creative Team:

Instead of spending 3 more hours designing dream dogs on Canva, I have limited these dog roles to a dog leader… because I can get very distracted in Canva creativity and I have businesses to run!

The strategists:

Business Strategist

Podcast Strategist

Launch Strategist 

Brand Strategist

Video Strategist

The Socialists (my social media team)

Social & Content Stylist 

Social Media Manager

Community Manager

Content Coordinator

Content Creator

Content Writer

PR Queen 

The Editors

Video Editor

Podcast Editor

My website manager 

And I’m the Creative Director and star of the show. 


In the past, I have played all these roles for myself and others.

Knowing what roles I want helps me define what tasks they’d do and that sets up my do to list. When I break down my tasks into roles it helps to show me the parts I love to play and like the least. Then I can decide if the financial exchange is worth my current time exchange and what the return on the investment would be.

Is the financial exchange worth my time exchange?

Wherever possible I look for tech solutions to replace people because I prefer moving at my pace and flow without sticking to the schedule of others. I also don’t love managing people and double-checking for mistakes. I just want it done.

It’s also why I like doing half VIP days with clients so we can strategize the big vision and each step to take – and then they can roll with the strategy for the next 6 months on their time frame. They get to dilute the concentration instead of me slowing my roll. 


This exercise gets you into big-picture thinking. 

Let me know how it goes for you.

And if you need someone to play a part-time role, I and my virtual team are here for you over at my Media Agency, Malva. Or you can just DIY it with a results-guaranteed course from Create Business Academy.

Not sure what steps to take, book 15 minutes with me here, and let’s get it sorted over a virtual coffee. 

[Disclaimer: I realize that this is NOT congruent content styling with Create Business Academy’s vibe AT ALL. But I’m giving myself some creative playtime so I hope you’ll allow this lapse in cohesion for the sake of playfulness and delight. ]


Define your dream team in terms of things they’ll do like services rendered or roles so that you know what you need to grow.

Key Takeaways

Your big-picture vision leads the way!

Your team is also your task list to do.

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Love, Lauren




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