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No trick, business is meant to treat you. You know that business isn’t just about money, but rather an enhanced lifestyle experience. Sure, you want success, but not if it means you have to sacrifice your lifestyle for it. 

You don’t want hard, you want gentle. 
You want time out to read, treat your friends to pedicures, and spend lazy time laughing with your family. 
You want to be rich in all aspects of your life, not just financially. 

Money isn’t your primary motivator. And you want those around you to grow and prosper, too.

Not only are you innately capable and generous, but you’re also ready for so much more than you currently have. And just because you can figure it all out, you know you don’t have to do it all alone! You’ve realized you’re allowed support along the way.

You get rich when you’ve realized that interdependence (not independence) creates happen-ness. And happen-ness means you have fulfilled your heart’s desires. It’s all happening and you’re fully aware that it is. True wealth is choosing what to do with your time. You get to do life when and how you choose. So RICH doubles as an acronym for Realizing Interdependence Creates Happen-ness.

It’s not about Independence. If 2020 showed us anything, it’s that it’s absurd and ridiculous to see ourselves separate from the whole. We are ALL in this together and Interdependence is where it’s at. Playing, loving, healing, and living together. What is the point if we get it all and we’re all alone? We get it to share it.⁣

Then we can take turns getting each other coffee and snacks. We’re stronger and more successful together, not in isolation. We all hold a piece of the puzzle and complete the big picture when we come together.

It’s also not about the pursuit of “happiness”. None of us are truly happy if one of us suffers because we’re all interconnected. We’re grieving the terrific losses from the Covid-19 virus. The idea that we should just focus on individual happiness is absurd. It’s like saying, “If I’m okay, it’s all that matters anyway!” No one wants to be the only remaining soul, strolling the empty streets after the apocalypse. It’s not okay if you’re the last and only one standing. It’s devastating.

The “Secret” (if by “secret” they meant a rehash of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill) is about the law of attraction. But despite this pressurizing “secret, “, happiness isn’t a prerequisite to attracting success. You don’t have to feel deserving to get what you want. You don’t need to smile at your reflection repeating “I am worthy” to get your desires met. The full spectrum of human emotion needs to be allowed to move through you. That’s vibrant aliveness. That’s the heartbeat of humanity and the pulse of creativity. Happiness is one color of your rainbow. Give sadness a chance! I’ve found that devastation reflects a particularly luminous quality of delight. You don’t have to limit yourself to only feeling certain things for fear of ruining the chances of your dreams manifesting.

Interdependence is the secret elevator path to success. It’s about having a support structure that’s built to take you straight to the top. The magic happens when you include others in your love. It’s where one plus one becomes eleven. It’s exponential. A miracle is just the unexpected. And that’s what the space of possibilities is when love and play merge. It’s the miracle zone, or as I like to call it, the pure magic of interdependence.

This whole vibe can start sounding quite religious or mystical, but in reality, it isn’t. It’s what’s most natural to your core central essence as a creator. You don’t need to figure it out; you need to remember it.

Business is not about “screw it”, or screwing over anyone and just doing it – yourself. You’re allowed to have support, encouragement, and help along the way and you’ll get there, faster together. You don’t have to figure this all out alone. 

Embrace interdependent support to scale and sustain success. 

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Love, Lauren

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