If your content zone of genius is imagery, or you want to create image-based content, then you’re in the right spot to get quick-win imagery content strategies, a list of tech tools to support your content creation, and more.

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, you’ll choose the fairest of all! You think best in imagery. Use pictures to express how you want people to feel when they experience your business and you’ll draw your audience in line to buy from you.

Benefits of Images

Images transcend language and capture intangible outcomes, like satisfaction, joy, and peace. You get to show feelings, benefits, and results instead of telling people about them.

There are two primary ways to use images:



Your Image Strategy

I’d recommend a combination strategy for you. Use a mix of coordinated, curated, created, and client-generated images. To read up more on the 4 types of content, read The Ultimate 12-Step Content Plan in the Content Gold category inside The Vault. If you’re good with design, add some custom digital designs too. There’s a Digital Design Template pack with examples, also the Content Gold category inside The Vault.

Image Content Ideas

1.) Behind the scenes of works in progress / a day in your life.

2.) Client showcase carousel (pictures of them; testimonials; quotes). Resize into a Reel to reuse as a video too.

3.) Post “How it feels when” images that express the feeling state your clients get after they work with you.

Tech Tools

VSCO for filters

Lightroom buy a preset for filters

Foodie for filters

Facetune to smooth faces

TikTok to edit images together into a video

Canva for digital designs

For more on Imagery, get Content Gold inside The Vault.

The other zones of Content Genius

To read up on the other zones of content genius, click on any of these:

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Or you’re a Prolific Creator who excels at them all!

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