Attention Instagram users: If you use Instagram for your business or personal brand, remember that you’re on borrowed time on someone else’s platform and it’s not permanent, so you need to have a backup plan if your account gets disabled. Make sure you have this backup plan so that you don’t lose years of work if you lose your Instagram account.

If you use Instagram for business, you know the energy investment it takes. I had my business Instagram account for 8 years. Then one day, I opened the Instagram app and my business account with 12k followers was gone. Poof! Just like that. And I had no way to get it back… I tried to contact support, but you can’t reference an account that no longer exists. All trace of it is GONE. This could happen to you and if it does, it doesn’t have to be a total disaster.

This post unpacks how to prepare yourself in case you lose your Instagram account and what you should do next if you do.

When we use social media platforms, we’re on borrowed time in someone else’s rented space. And at any second, they can take away the platform from us.

Platforms come and go. The platform isn’t what’s important, it’s simply a leverage tool. What matters is the content you post on the platform. Having content is like having money. Where you choose to keep your money (or post your content) is like choosing which bank to put your money in (or which platform to post to). Each social media platform is like a bank. Some give great returns and some don’t. You can always withdraw your money and move banks and the same is true for content and the platforms you choose to use.

Content is the Money

Your content is what a creative business strategy centers on. The best part about content is that when you create it, you get to keep it. Nothing you’ve created is ever lost or wasted.

Content is your social media backup plan

It’s not about the platform you choose to post on. It’s all about how to show up, share, and play while you’re there. A platform is a promotional tool. So whether it’s a social media platform, a stage, or a screen, the only thing that matters is what’s on it and how you use it to get what you want. And what you do on it comes from what you put out there. It’s all your creation. And your creative expression is all you.

Content is an extension and expression of you

If you’ve ever wondered how to make money in your business by being yourself, it’s about sharing what’s inside your heart. I believe that your golden heart is where the gold is. Your heart is the treasure trove. All you need to do is take what’s inside your heart and make content with it. That’s how you turn your ideas into gold. Your money-maker is your heart.

That’s why I’ve made you the Content Gold category inside The Vault. Content is your money magnetizer. When you’ve completed the training, you’ll not only make more money (because content draws in your audience and gets them to buy from you), but you’ll save time on bulk prep work and save money through repurposing select content. You’ll also get to apply these principles to multiple social media accounts. 

So, if your Instagram account gets deleted one day, you haven’t lost everything. You still have what really matters and what’s actually valuable: your content. You can start over and rebuild.

When you have content, you always have a way back to your goals.

Your Instagram backup plan if your account gets deleted: The Repurpose Strategy

With a Repurpose Strategy, nothing you’ve created is ever wasted. You get to do it again, and again, then again, and keep going to keep growing.


Content is your social media backup plan

Key Takeaways

Social Media platforms are less important than content.

Content is gold and repurposing it makes you rich in time and money

Get the Content Gold category inside The Vault.

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Love, Lauren




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