All About Lauren Wallett

[Founder of Create Business Academy]

Creative Strategist & Business Developer

Welcome to the Playtriarchy!

I’m here to serve your highest potential by showing you how to work less and PLAY more in your business. 

Build | Lead | Sell

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You want to make money, on your own terms, on your own schedule. Same.


You’re here because you want to get paid more for what you love doing. That’s great because I’ve been getting paid to do what I love since I was 6-months old (literally) and I’ve traveled the world doing it. I can summarize my essential philosophy into one word: Playtriarchy. I love making up words that combine ideas and offer alternatives. That’s because the best ideas are combinations of things and business gets to be imaginative and alternative. Platriarchy is the future of reimagining business. Business gets to be inclusive, playful, and kind. The old patriarchal way of “have to’s” and “should’s” is painful and punishing. In reality, there is an easier, softer way. Business gets to be playful and pleasure-making.

Instead of running in the rat race, you actually get to take the elevator path to success. I built Create Business Academy to give you an alternative approach to traditional business advice and to show how you exactly how you get to do business differently. I’ve got my back story here, your access to the Create Business Academy Vault here, and highlights of the last 11 years below…

The last 11 years

Create Business Academy | Lauren Wallett 2 | Business Coach Los Angeles, International Business Coach, Celebrity Business Coach, Best business coach Los Angeles, Feminist Business Coach



  • Traveled internationally to clients, creating content, building websites, and managing multiple social media accounts.
  • Started A Good Exchange


  • Grew my business and reopened in a new city, Cape Town.
  • Wrote and managed 9 blogs simultaneously.




From South Africa to America

Create Business Academy | Lauren Wallett | Feminist Business Coach, International Business Coach, Best business coach Los Angeles, Celebrity Business Coach





  • Renamed Business School for Coaches, The Creative Business School.
  • Business Optimization (1:1 program)
  • Content Creators Council (group program)