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Playing in the slipstream of magic means that opportunities and synchronicities arise. The day before I went onto NBC to coach, live, I awoke to a normal day with no idea what was in store for me. I didn’t know that sharing what I was learning and reading with my client would inspire her to pitch me to NBC or that they’d book me for the next morning.

That’s the thing about sharing what you love with others – the results are typically better than you’d ever imagined.

Now luck is when preparation meets opportunity and just like you, I’ve been in preparation my whole life.

All you need to do is look back at what you’ve done to see how you’ve followed your heart and where it’s led you. Because I grew up as a child actress on stage, and have done TV shows and interviews since I was 12, I am not afraid of the stage or screen. The ability to perform is one of the greatest skills you have in business, and it’s why I have created robust training materials on how to do it in the Video Star training inside The Vault.

Because of this, I could take the opportunity and I did. Here’s how it went…

Or click here to watch with the direct link.

Or click here to watch with the direct link.

In this coaching session, I draw from two ideas:

  • Stephen Karpman’s: Drama Triangle 
  • David Emerald’s: Empowerment Dynamic

Here’s an overview of both ideas

Stephen Karpman’s: Drama Triangle 

Victim – Persecutor- Rescuer

When we get caught up in painful situations, it’s because we’ve taken on the role of the victim. 

We believe that someone or something bad is persecuting us and we’re being punished.

We want our friends, family, and or partners to rescue us because if they aren’t supporting us, they must be against us and if they are, then they fit into the role of the persecutor, too. It’s the classic us vs them dynamic. 

That drama is the life of a victim. It’s easy to ignore that when we take on the role of the victim, we persecute our persecutor. And so the cycle continues.

Many professional coaches (myself included), have fallen into the rescuer role. Until we feel like victims of the victims, we’re trying to help. 

The alternative is:

David Emerald’s: Empowerment Dynamic

Creator – Challenger – Coach

Here, the persecutor becomes our challenger, pushing us to greatness like a cross-fit coach in a training session. Rescuers become actual coaches, empowering us by asking questions instead of providing solutions. 

Coaches ask us “What are you going to make?” and “What will you choose to do?” instead of throwing us a pity party and agreeing that we are stuck as victims. 

The victim becomes the creator – the most powerful position we can take in our lives. Our choices allow us to define our reactions to our lives.


Our greatest power lies in our creative choices

Key Takeaways

  • From Victim to Creator
  • From Persecutor to Challenger
  • From Rescuer to Coach

Love, Lauren




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