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If you dream of a life, that’s bigger, you may feel impatient that you’re not where you want to be yet. A bigger life to you might mean your own packaging design agency, moving to Hawaii or having a dog sanctuary on a farm. The further it is from your current reality, the larger the leap of faith. Just like a plane requires a runway, you do too. You’re not progressing linearly; you’re leaping into a new dimension. It can feel slow until take-off happens all at once. You’ve experienced a paradigm shift. The good news is that you started building momentum long before you realized it. You’ve been in preparation your whole life.

You’ve been in preparation your whole life.

Lauren Wallett


If you had to guess, what have you been preparing for your whole life? To help you dig deeper, ask yourself what specific skill set you’ve gained doing what you’ve done. For example, go back in your history as far as you can and write [column 1] standout things you’ve done and [column 2] the skills they showcased /or/ what you learned. Visit my 10-year timeline for an example of some things I’ve achieved.

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Now that you have a document with all your raw materials, look at how you can combine skills and lessons into specific categories.

After I identified all my skills and lessons, what became obvious to me are 2 main things:

I excel at creating content and cultivating communities.

Because of these two superpowers, I can not only teach others but also use these skills for any new business or community I want to start. Igniting my phoenix magic enables me to run a luxury candle collection, run multiple blogs simultaneously, bring back Malva PR, and find new creative ways to mix my emotional alchemy together with Witches Rehab into Rebella. It’s a constant repurposing and reconfiguration of all the things I’ve done in the past 10 years and the skills and lessons from the 10 years prior (which are very similar.)

Now it’s your turn.

[Phoenix Magic Mindset is easy to activate after you’ve identified your actual achievements and unique skill set. Confidence comes from an honest assessment.]

Phoenix Magic is about emergence as your most magical self. And before that happens, you’ll burn away everything that’s holding you back.

Before we dive into the ashes to dig out your dazzling phoenix self, I want to make this super clear. This is not about self-help. Self-help is a booming business that sells the lie that happiness is a prerequisite for success. It isn’t. It’s not about feeling good or feeling ready.

Success is all about creating until it’s created.

Lauren Wallett

It’s about burning it all down until only the magic remains. Magic comes from action. (Manifestation is making it real.) Crafting, chiseling, shaping, and remaking. None of this means anything unless you’re prepared to take action. These new ideas need implementation. The magic seeker dives into the messy middle and does it until it’s done.

It’s not about getting it right. It’s about keeping on going.

  • Building momentum,
  • Increasing resilience, and
  • Developing flexibility to

Bounce back when things fail so that you don’t quit before the magic happens.

Every experience you’ve ever had enriches Phoenix Magic. The delightful and the devastating. Nothing you’ve been through is wasted. It’s integrated into who you are now or stripped away excess fear layers that held you back. Your trauma is transmuted into triumph with a phoenix magic mindset.

Your trauma is transmuted into triumph with a phoenix magic mindset.

Lauren Wallett

Phoenix birds are mythical creatures that are forged in the fire. They rise from flames to fly high in the sky. They’re the original trailblazers, blazing fire from their flaming tails.

Whatever has hurt and haunted you, plagued and gnawed at you are the flames to shape your rebirth as a phoenix. 

Your most potent self is forged in the fire. Rising from adversity is your beautiful rebellion. As a business creator, it’s your magnificent defiance against the status quo of corporate conformity. You’ve dared to do it differently.

There are three stages to reclaim your phoenix magic and emerge as your most magical self. I write extensively about these in Rebella Nation. These are the 3 stages of your rebel journey. For details on the 7 phases of your rebel journey, click here. Below, I summarize the 3 stages: Your beginning, burning, and birthing. I’ve unpacked each one for you.

This is the philosophical side. For the practical side, complete the Phoenix Magic Journalling here.

Stage One: The Beginning

Your life starts shaped by your particular circumstance. At a certain point, you realize that what you thought was keeping you safe was actually controlling you. Some of these safety measures were self-imposed. You tried to fit in instead of standing out because you were scared to be teased, bullied, and made fun of. Or you faced danger and were scared for your life. You bought into society’s norms and expectations even though the rules rubbed you the wrong way. You felt uncomfortable or afraid but thought you just needed to figure out how to do life right and it would all be okay. Until you realized, what if this isn’t it?

Stage Two: The Burning

Your world crumbles. The foundations you’ve built your identity on shake you to your core. Maybe you’re not who you think you are? You feel a burning desire to leave, start over, and run away. You have to get out, but you don’t know where to go next. You know that where you’re going is nowhere, you’ve ever been. The dark night of the soul is when you are on a hero’s journey into the unknown. Things get murky and you uncover new truths about the world, your family and yourself that you can’t ignore. You can’t un-know and unsee these terrible truths. Radical change is required.

This is the point where many stop. It’s too much to bear, so they bury themselves in distraction, control, and addiction. It’s like the unloved wife married to the workaholic who starts popping Valium. She has an affair with the pool boy / her son’s best friend/husband’s business partner to distract herself from her misery. And causes herself more misery. When we don’t address the root of the actual issue, problems blossom like roses on a thorn bush.

But when you step into the flames, magic happens. Your suffering dissolves you. You’re like a caterpillar in a chrysalis, metamorphosing into a new version of yourself. You allow your former self to turn to ashes. It can feel like you’re dying because, in a way, you are.

Stage Three: The Birthing

From the ashes of your burndown, you birth your new life. Birth is the ultimate creation, and it’s not limited to growing a baby. Resurrecting yourself is a rebirth. I’ve often wondered if you’re truly a creator until you’ve been through your own resurrection. Everyone who has recovered from tragedy, trauma, oppression, and suffering to rise again, has ignited their phoenix magic.

The beautiful part of Phoenix magic is that it’s not a once-off experience. It’s never too late to start over and begin again. You’ve accessed your Phoenix magic mindset when you remember this.

You are right here, right now, and are always at choice. When you feel the flames of fear licking at you, remember that you’re being forged in the fire and your emergence awaits.

When you feel the flames of fear licking at you, remember that you’re being forged in the fire and your emergence awaits.

Lauren Wallett

Quick Summary

Your beautiful rebellion of phoenix magic has three stages. The beginning where you’re plunged into impossible darkness of circumstance beyond your control. The burning where it all becomes too much, and the pain engulfs you. And the (re)birthing where you rise from the ashes like a phoenix, filled with magic. 

Love, Lauren

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