Do you know what trumps a King? It’s the same thing that trumps a Queen: the Ace card. So when it comes to content creation, play your ACE. And when you play it, you’ll stand out on social.

When you play with your ACE, your business will thrive. You’ll create a sustainable, regenerative business. Your business will stand the test of time and keep your clients coming back for more. This is the only card you need and it’s unique to you.

Impact from Love

Start with how you wish to finish. With love.

When you’re creating a legacy of love, love becomes your ultimate strategy.

You’ll show up to share and trust that your dream clients know what’s best for them. You’ll build a relationship built on respect and connection, not shame and cohesion. Your ACE is how you keep your clients coming back for more.

Your ACE is your Artistic Connected Expression.

You’ll create an impact when you’re able to translate what’s inside your heart into irresistible packages. Everything you’ll discover in this section will help you to formulate your future offers collection.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou


Want to know what the greatest magic in the world is?

It’s love.

Sharing your heart is how you stand out online. You access the art from your heart.

Then you translate the gifts of your heart into irresistible packages by sharing your ACE (Artistic Connected Expression).

When you do, you’ll have established yourself as the obvious best choice for your dream client. Without pretending you’re anything you’re not.

Love is your secret ingredient

To keep your clients coming back for more, they must want what you’re offering.

What makes your ACE offer unique is what makes you unique.

It’s all of you.

As multifaceted as you are.

We need all of your kaleidoscopic dimensions. You are the secret ingredient. You’re what makes your offer so delicious and compelling.

Your heart is your source of regenerative creativity and your creativity is the most powerful untapped resource you have.

We’ll infuse your dynamic creativity into everything you do. It’s your slipstream to working less and playing more because you’ll get paid to just do you.

So, when in doubt: Add. More. You

Tap into your creative energy and you’ll maximize and amplify who you are.

To be attractive, be attracted.

What turns you on, lights you up, recharge you? What are you drawn to? Notice what excites and delights you and keep a visual collection of what these things are.

To be interesting, be interested.

What intrigues, fascinates, and compels you? What activities do you lose yourself in? Notice what consumes and stimulates you and keep a list of what those topics are.

To be loving, share what you love.

What do you adore, celebrate and enjoy more than anything else? Notice what brings you peace and satisfaction and do as much of it as possible.

Your love collection is what you’ll share with the world. Let your audience get to know you and you’ll draw in others who resonate with your vibe.

Start with Simple Pleasures

Discovering the art in your heart isn’t about accessing the wildest parts of yourself. Yes, finding your edges means expanding into some new creative places – but it also means, rediscovering simple pleasures. I’ve always loved books and coffee but didn’t think that was a fascinating fact about me.

Imagine if I’d known that I could make money just from reading books. And sell things when I posted pictures of myself and coffee? It would have sounded like some kind of Fairy Godmother magic. Yet, I’ve had a podcast interviewing my favorite authors and they send me copies of their books. I post pictures and videos of me with coffee and my books practically sell themselves – on TikTok! I wouldn’t have believed it was possible until it happened.

You are your own secret ingredient, and when you learn how to package love, your growth is exponential. Your ACE can be packaged into multiple different offers and sold at scale.

Lil’ Love Offers

One of the personal assets I help clients cultivate is confidence. It’s an innate part of my own Artistic Connected Expression. I package confidence training into multiple offers like:

Live with Lauren: How to Confidently Speak Live.

Pitch, Please: How to Pitch Your Business in a Minute.

Cinematic / Flaunt: Embrace your Star Quality to Stand Out Online

Stand Out: Activate your Creative Genius and Rediscover Trust in Your Creative Self

Video Star (The current combo-course of all of the above)

Each offer is a creative repackaging of the same result. It’s one idea shared as multiple expressions.

You’ll discover your unique blend of magic when you translate your heart’s transmission into irresistible packages.

So after you’ve answered these questions and have a sense of that loving feeling, take a dip inside Irresistible Offers so that you can share your heart with the world.


Your ACE is your Artistic Connected Expression.

When in doubt: Add. More. You

Key Takeaways

Make your Impact from LOVE.

Love is your secret ingredient.

To be attractive, be attracted.

To be interesting, be interested.

To be loving, share what you love.

Love, Lauren




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