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Content is Currency

This is your Money Magnetizer course!

How to Transform Your Ideas into Money Magnets That Keep Your Audience Coming Back for More

Get outside the box & inside the heart content training to transform your audience into a loyal community who support your every move. Content strategy, plans, and styling to stand out online as your most creative self.

Inside Our Content Creator Curriculum:

✔︎ unit 1: Content Creation Class Training

Unlock the secrets to making social media work for you with creative content inspiration for posts across all platforms.

Our intuitive feedback and step-by-step structures will empower you to consistently deliver your creative voice through our unique ACE approach to content creation.

[x6 videos with +6 hours of watch time.] [Value $997]

✔︎unit 2: ACE Content Mastery

Learn how to transform your creative voice into content that captivates your audience’s hearts through the ACE Method. Get our unique “outside the box, inside the heart” strategy, along with cheat sheets, checklists, and content categories, to keep you on track one day at a time.

[51-page guidebook plus audio teaching] [Value $997]

✔︎ unit 3: Idea Sparks

Spark your Imagination to showcase your best Ideas online with practical strategies and expert guidance. Generate fresh, compelling content for your calendar. Take your content game to the creative genius level to create a lasting impact in social media spaces.

[13 Videos, Questionnaire, and Guidebooks] [Value $297]

✔︎ unit 4: AI Prompt Genius

Master the art of collaborating with AI to brainstorm and execute all your content creation ideas. Effortlessly craft digital content marketing materials, from social media captions and video scripts to custom hashtags, emails, blogs, and entire marketing campaigns using limitless AI prompts with ChatGPT.

[X10 Excel spreadsheets[Value $499]

✔︎ unit 5: The Ultimate Repurpose Pack

Maximize the value of your existing content by learning how to turn a single piece into hundreds of unique variations. With our comprehensive repurposing strategies, you’ll save time, energy, and resources while amplifying your online presence.

[6-page guidebook] [Value $97]

The Content Creator course is valued at over $3000

Our content creation course offers unparalleled value, with a combined worth of over $3,000. By enrolling, you’ll gain access to exclusive resources, practical strategies, and innovative techniques that will revolutionize your approach to content creation and help you build a thriving, supportive online community.


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