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Content of the future

Become the next viral sensation or simply develop your on-screen charisma in meetings.

✔︎ Cinematic

TikTok & Reels Training in 15-minutes flat. Learn the top 12-steps to creating and posting TikToks and how to double down by reposting to Reels. All the technical skills to edit, and add text, music, plus covers.

[Video Training]

✔︎ How to confidently speak live

Speak confidently, even if you’ve never been a natural public speaker. And learn the 4 big reasons you’re not communicating clearly.

[x 4 videos with 30 minutes of watch time.]

✔︎  Live with Lauren

On-camera confidence. Learn how to show up on any screen as your best self, no matter what, connect with your audience and pitch your business.

[2.5 hours of live video training] 

✔︎ Pitch Please

How to pitch your business in 1 minute. Become pitch-perfect to attract your audience, investors, and early adopters.

[2.5 hours of live video training]  


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