If you’re a prolific content creator who excels in all the 4 zones of content genius, then you’re in the right spot to get quick-win content strategies, a list of tech tools to support your content creation, and more.

If you haven’t taken the content genius quiz yet, you can do that here.

Oh, proflic creator, you’re my favorite type of content creator! You’re a true talent and can do it all! But it doesn’t mean you should do it all. Experiment with which content is most enjoyable for you. Then repurpose that into the other content.

Benefits of Prolific Creation

You’ll never run dry of content ideas and you’ll have a backlog of content to draw from, reshape and reuse. Could you be in a better position? Only if you had your own media studio with a team dedicated to serving your highest creative calling (well, that’s what I tell myself I’d want!) The online business dream team guidebook and the dream team Q&A with answers inside The Library are excellent companions to guide you envision and plan for this inevitable outcome 😉 Both digital products are available inside The Vault, in The Library section.

Note to self: Simplify to Amplify

Focus your message and streamline all your existing content toward a specific outcome. Reuse what you have by finessing the best of the best. 

If you’re battling with clarity on your message, then Message Mastery is an excellent resource to help you. It’s inside The Vault in the Sales Mastery category.

Your Prolific Content Strategy

I’d recommend a content calendar as the overarching strategy for you. Decide choice pieces of content to focus on per week/month. Repurpose the best-performing posts to repurpose. You probably need a lot less than you think you do. When you’ve set a content calendar, you’ll take the overwhelm out of content creation. It will be smooth sailing from here! 

  • But before you create your content calendar, make sure you’re aligning your business goals to your content calendar. Treasure Mapping will help you do that. It’s a 4-part live video training series on how to map your goals each quarter of the year and you can get that inside The Vault, in the Audience Growth category.
  • And to help you track your best-performing pieces, check out this post called 3×3 Marketing Map so that you can map and track the content that’s linked to your business goals. I also have a 1-hour deep-dive training on this idea, also found inside The Vault, in the Audience Growth category.
  • For your content calendar, use an online scheduler or map out your plan on paper and post-its. I also have a bunch of templates inside The Ultimate 12-Step Content Plan, in the Audience Growth category inside The Vault.

Prolific Content Ideas

Less is more! Choose 3 main categories and stick to those only.

Link each piece of content toward a specific offer.

Tailor your content around, “what do my clients need to know before they work with me? ” And train them in that so that they’re prepped and ready to take action.

Tech Tools

Loom to record your laptop screen

Rev.com app to transcribe your videos into Text

Instagram for automatic subtitles

TikTok for video production and editing 

VSCO for filters

Lightroom buy a preset for filters

Foodie for filters

Facetune to smooth faces

TikTok to edit images together into a video

CapCut for video editing 

Canva for digital designs

Grammarly for grammar

Hemmingway for flow

ProWritingAid for editing

Scrivener for when you combine pieces and write your book 

Libsyn for your Podcast

Wavve.co for audio over image posts

Kapwing for subtitles

Next Steps

For a comprehensive marketing strategy, you also need a style guide which you get in the Content Gold category inside The Vault.

The other zones of Content Genius

To read up on each of the zones of content genius, click on any of these:

Video Genius (you excel at making videos)

Imagery Genius (you excel at creating images)

Writing Genius (you excel at writing)

Audio Genius (you excel at creating audio)

And tap here to take the quiz.

Love, Lauren




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