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The future is now

AI | Social Media | Video Content | The Age of the Originator


AI tools, like chatGPT, have changed the game for entrepreneurs. We’re able to produce more, faster than ever before and you get to leverage this to your benefit.

Social Media

Social Media changed marketing by making it interactive, with direct communication between consumers and brands in the feedback world we live in.

Video Content

Now, companies don’t just need a marketing department, they need media production companies to create entertaining video content. It’s no longer about crafting a content calendar with a bunch of Canva quotes, we need relevant, original video content that breaks the trend before it gets stale.

The Age of the Originator

The best marketing takes us by surprise, so following “trends” and “best practices” is a waste of time. The more of an originator you can be, the better. Expressing your original voice in a style that suits you is where it’s at and to get there takes a whole lot of experimentation, awkward practice, and iteration.

Your Foundation is here

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Luckily for you, this blog is the interactive foundation that you can return to again and again for fresh inspiration and resources.


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Key Takeaways

The future is now:

  • AI
  • Social Media
  • Video Content
  • The Age of the Originator

Your Foundation is here:

  • Written
  • Audio
  • Video
  • All Courses


The future is now and your foundation is here.

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