Welcome to part 2 in the series of Exposed: My Secrets as a High-Ticket Sales Closer. This is the continuation of the exact sales script I used to sell 10k – 15k 90-day programs with the truth about the lies I sold. This series is for every entrepreneur, business owner, coach, and consultant who’s fallen prey to an overpriced con that promised you more money in business but got you no results. This is the confirmation of your initial gut reaction if it’s already happened to you, future prevention so that it doesn’t happen (again) and my own redemption for being part of the online insanity that is “get-rich-quick.”

[This is part 2 of the 3-part series.]


The first post explained How I became a high-ticket-sales closer and broke down the first part of the 12k Script with 20 cons identified and explained. I exposed the high-ticket sales tricks and techniques and in this post, I unpack the rest of the script. If you haven’t already, read part 1 first.

Continued… The 12K Sales Script

…And we use this to sharpen your unique specialism which is the foundation to create an Irresistible High-End Package for the top 20% of your audience who are the highest potential for you to make life-changing transformations easily and they are in a position to easily afford it. We do this in the final 15 days of this first segment.

(This is just a strange and fancy way of saying that you use customer and client interviews, along with your conversation with the copywriter, to craft an offer that promises to change your potential customer and clients’ lives.)

Part 2

Ok so in Segment 2 ( the second 30 days) you will be WINNING TRUST and there are two powerful components to this:
In terms of winning trust, and enrolling seamlessly, you need to build a high-trust positioning platform where you can prove to them how good you are and build a bond before you even speak with them. It also builds the desire within them to take the next step and apply to speak with you.
One of our high-trust positioning platforms is the automated webinar you just attended that works 24/7 even when we’re asleep.


I’ll unpack all the fancy promises, explain the jargon and made-up terminology, list the cons, and offer alternatives for what you can do differently.

(Con #21: calling it something that it isn’t. Say 90-day-accelerator when the reality is “How to make an automated webinar with templates”)

(This is what you’re paying for: how to make an automated webinar. You’re required to buy two monthly subscriptions for this part. That’s the truth of what’s sold. It’s just wrapped in what’s called a 90-day accelerator.)


We found that a lot of clients when they come to us had little experience in creating compelling presentations whether that be video or webinar and those that did, certainly weren’t going deep enough using the jobs to be done framework blended with distorted belief reversal. In this process, we give you templated presentations on either PowerPoint or keynote and break each section down to make it a simple step-by-step process. We will know what high-trust platform you will be using when you have the deep dive discovery call together in the first segment.

(They say you can make a video or a pre-recorded webinar which is the exact same thing. Similar to con #21.)

Ok so now we have your funnel built leading to a high-trust positioning platform such as an automated webinar we need to send qualified traffic to this using advertising. When we do the deep dive discovery at the beginning we will have uncovered the best place to advertise whether that be Facebook or Linkedin. We have some brilliant well-structured courses on these in the training area that are designed for beginners’ hottest channel.

(Con #11 Again: Meta ads. Facebook and Instagram ads are giant scams that don’t work. Not only will your bank account get hacked but the results they claim to get you aren’t the results you actually track. Anyone selling you ads as your primary solution to grow your business is a con artist. Save your money! I’ve lost thousands through doing ads after mentors told me I must, taking ad courses with professional teams helping me, and testing over 100 ads, and with Meta experts – that is an entire blog post for another time. Luckily my bank refunded the most recent charges without investigation which means I’m not the first Bank Of America client who got scammed by “Facebook”.)

Part 3

Ok so in Segment 3 of the 90-Day Accelerator (final 30 days) you will be WINNING HEARTS and there are also two powerful components to this:
We found that when our clients started experiencing success it created an anti-climax because they started to become chained to their calendar because they were doing in-person meetings with their clients and were not leveraging their value properly and this caused underlying resentment which damaged their results for their clients. This is why towards the end of the program we show you how to virtualize intelligently.

(Con #13 Again: Renaming a regular known task as a secret and special technique.)

(I used to love saying virtualize intelligently because it sounded so cool. It means, putting it online which is simply part of running an online business.)

We have a very cool method to find the right balance for you and your audience so it’s convenient for you and them while being very effective.

(Con #19 Again: making non-specific promises like, “cool method.”)

Oh yes, this is where the tech hell starts again in finding a system that houses all your content for your clients in a clean elegant membership area with their own personal usernames and password.

(Con #13 Again: renaming a regular known task as a secret and special technique. It’s Kajabi. Or Kartra. And again, you pay monthly for this.)

We found our clients were falling over in this area again because it can be very complicated and tech-heavy. This is why we have now introduced a membership building service, so we do it for you which is all included as part of the program. Basically, we do all your client membership tech for you without any extra charge. Most companies charge at least $5,000 for this just for this tech setup alone!

(You could also hire a VA to help you with Kajabi / Kartra or watch their free tutorials. If you even want to use Kajabi/ Kartra. I prefer Google Drive for everything. You can create PDFs with embedded videos so your clients can watch straight from their guidebooks – super simple and easy for you and them.)

And the big thing we find with coaches and consultants is they don’t Optimise their business as a system so they’re bulletproof and they end up chasing their tail or spinning lots of plates and so the final 15 days are spent on automating, delegating, and optimizing your business as a system so you can focus on the stuff you love rather than life draining busy work.

(Con 22: using attack words and war terms like “bulletproof” creates a false sense of danger and a threat that isn’t real. It’s a fear tactic that isn’t based on reality. No one is shooting at your online business.)


(Yes, we should all have an optimized business with systems in place that help us focus on what we love instead of busy work. That is 100% correct. But you don’t need to pay more to get that which is what was recommended here. You need to play to your strengths and leverage your community to sell for you through referrals and cross-promotions. This happens naturally when you serve with integrity.)


Ok let’s color code them for you one by one with Green being, your ok and don’t need help, orange being you’re middling and need help and red being you need urgent help as nowhere near where you need to be.

This isn’t a competition, it’s just good if you can be really honest as it gives us a reference point of where you are now and it’s my job to make sure they are all green after 90 days.

[Now go through each one of the above and tell them not to worry you will send them this blueprint via email]

Ok I’ve just shown you how the 90-Day Accelerator works, and *Con-man’s name* covered the structure in the video he sent it last 90 days, with the following to support you through the program we offer:

Full access to all of our training areas which involves various courses that we will point you to that will specifically help you at the time. We don’t just say, here it is now get on with it as everyone is different and needs different aspects. We do have everything though from forensically understanding that top 20% of your audience to creating your high-trust positioning platform to promoting it and then virtualizing and systemizing your business.

(Translation: Interview 20 clients or customers, make a templated webinar, host your sales landing page, email sequence, and course on Kajabi / Kartra and run Meta or LinkedIn ads to sell. There you go: 12k saved!)

We found that videos alone just didn’t help our clients and so we include fun exercises that help you get through it. There are about 10 courses in there and those alone are the culmination of *Con-man’s name* experience and pain over the last decade, and you would pay at least $2,000 each for each one of those 10 courses total of about $20k

As I mentioned earlier we also provide you with a one-to-one Deep Dive Discovery Call with *team member* or *Con-man’s name* (usually 2-3hrs) that will ensure you nail your unique value proposition and supporting facts needed to ignite the desire and belief in that top 20% of your audience.

Although we make everything simple and straightforward by providing the building blocks it’s not easy to transform your business on your own. We found that our clients were losing momentum early on and so this is why we now provide you with your own personal Velocity coach to support you along the way.

(Con #16 Again: using made-up job titles like “Personal Velocity Coach” which isn’t a real thing and has no meaning.)

(They meant a virtual assistant. I still love the word “Velocity”)

We also found that our clients could sometimes feel isolated and this is why we also introduced weekly group mastermind calls with *Con man’s name* hosting them. There are never more than 10 people in a group so it’s really intimate where you get a chance to share if you wish. Not like one of these programs where there are hundreds in the group.

(I never experienced these so aren’t sure if they were real but yes, community support is invaluable and every course should have that component included.)

We also give you Helpdesk support in between calls, and *Con man’s name* mans the helpdesk for clients by the way. We find this is way more powerful than just having a Facebook group where you have to share your challenges publicly with the group. Sometimes you need something more personal.

(Con #13 Again: renaming a regular known task as a secret and special technique. They meant email support.)

*Con man’s name* is also available for one-to-one power session calls whenever you need them. How awesome is that!

The final problem we found with our clients was that they were getting overwhelmed with the various tasks they needed to do and so we have now also introduced a Personalised online project management dashboard that lists all of the tasks you need to complete in the 90 days. This will be created with you during your deep dive discovery call and will help you stay on track with your velocity coach and the group calls while reducing overwhelm.

(Con #13 Again: renaming a regular known task as a secret and special technique. They meant Trello for project management.)

Now you have clearly stated why now is important for you to get started right away but before we proceed do you have any questions?

[Answer questions]

Ok is that all of your questions answered?

Ok, what payment plan are you most interested in? The 3 payments of $3,995 or the “join now” incentivized one of $9,000 saving $3,000

We also offer the following 3 big bonuses if you join now:

(Con #5 again: the massive reduction of cost if you pay RIGHT NOW.)

Complete Funnel Build: We found our clients were getting overwhelmed with the tech aspects. Integrating landing page software to automated marketing software to webinar software, to form software, to helpdesk software to client membership software. Basically putting complicated marketing funnels together.

(This is what Kajabi/ Kartra does.)

It’s no wonder they struggled because it’s really really time-consuming and difficult! This is why we have now introduced a funnel-building service which is all included as part of the program if you join today. Basically, we do all your marketing funnel tech for you without any extra charge. Most companies charge $15,000 -$30,000 just for this tech setup alone!

Your Own Personal Velocity Coach: Although we make everything simple and straightforward by providing the building blocks it’s not easy to transform your business on your own. We found that our clients were losing momentum early on and so this is why we now provide you with your own personal Velocity coach to support you along the way.

(A “velocity coach” means VA you can email but who doesn’t do anything for you.)

Your Own Personal Social Media Coach: We have also found that our clients start to lose momentum when it comes to Facebook or LinkedIN advertising because of the sheer overwhelm of setting up an advertising campaign. This is why we give you your own personal Social Media expert to coach you and hold your hand one-to-one through this process to help you get your first campaign set up and rocking.

(I think they meant this through the video course provided. I never met this person when I did the program and worked there.)

We were going to call these incentives “action taker” incentives but thought that would be too cheesy and so we decided to go with the “join now incentive”.

This is what will happen next. As soon as you have made your investment you will be sent your Username and Password and then connected to the 90-Day Accelerator so you can start connecting and learning right away from your own private dashboard and then you will receive your welcome email so you can book your discovery call.
Sound good?

(Con #8 again – say yes!)

Ok, will you be paying on a debit card or credit card today?
Great, can you read the long number across the front, please?
Post Payment:
Great, how excited are you?
It’s great to have you on board. Congratulations again.
Have you got any questions or concerns or anything like that?

~ The end ~

Why I Quit High-Ticket Sales

What isn’t mentioned in this sales script is the fact that the people who signed up to the “accelerator program” all got this script and had to do sales calls or hire someone to do them. Even with the 15% commission, the amount of no-shows means you’re working or waiting most days with no chance of earning. Commission jobs don’t cover those wasted hours.

After completing the program and launching my “Power Pitching Program” to start-up founders (and never selling one package in that format even though I’d been a paid pitch coach for 2 years prior) I was dismayed at how I believed it was a simple program when instead there were 527 moving parts, ongoing monthly fees to sustain, and only a webinar to show for it.

When I quit the sales calls, the male sold his “business” within the month and moved on to something else entirely.

It was a wild and desperate time and it’s taken years to extract myself from my beliefs in his promises. They were so ingrained in me. That male was my first American mentor and gave me what I truly believed was the opportunity of a lifetime. I am forever grateful for the experience of what not to do. My hope in sharing these secrets is so that I don’t get sucked back into thinking there are shortcuts to use and that you don’t either.

What I know now

Building a business is entering the unknown and it’s lonely and scary. When I see the lies of marketers and business people online, I’m enraged, because once upon a time, I fell for them all too. But they’re not true. There is no shortcut. No quick fix. There are just iterations and experimentations to put out there and the point is to keep going and growing so that your business flourishes, no matter what.

You don’t need “the way” to start. You just need to desire to go and grow your way. That’s how I’m still running my online business 5 years after starting from scratch in the USA! You don’t have to charge for every offer you create. I repurposed The Power Pitching Program into free training and two free challenges. I served hundreds of people that way and some became 1:1 clients of mine. Now those training are part of The Vault. You get to reuse everything you’ve created and repackage it to sell again and again.

More than building my business, I’ve built a beautiful, soulful, creative and connected life. My business continues to connect me to people all over the world. It’s my way of being of service. When I can’t give my time, I can share my documented business training 24/7.

If you have the burning desire to serve others and share what you love, you just need to divide up all the moving parts of creating and growing a business and take them one, step, at, a, time.


What this 12K package actually was: a templated webinar to sell a course on Kajabi through ad spend.

Key Takeaways

Don’t use Kajabi or Kartra – use Google Drive. It’s free.

Don’t pay for ads – make content. It’s free.

Don’t fall for cons – keep creating until you get where you want to be!

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