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This blog, my business, and even my book started out as posts, services, and pages that offered you a simple framework to set up and scale a service business online. But it’s all turned into more than that. Because while it’s true that I’ve set up, scaled, and sold multiple businesses, it’s only since 2020 that the way I’ve done business changed dramatically. I’ve made my business my sugar daddy and moved to my beach house.

This blog, my business, and my book are all about:

Reimagining business so you can reimagine your life.

You can make your business your sugar daddy or anything else you want it to be. You get to make it all up. In fact…

The reason you don’t have a business and lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams (yet) is that you haven’t imagined it as a possibility.

What if what you wanted doesn’t actually exist because you’re the one who’s here to make it up?

If you’ve ever felt a longing for something unexplainable, a missing for something more, a desire for an alternative to your current reality… then I hope this blog reminds you that it’s possible. You are made for more. You’re here to have at all. Everything you’ve ever wanted is yours for the creating. Your business, just like everything else, is an extension of you. It’s not some impossible external to conquer. Business is the manifestation of your love for the world. And when you treat it like that, your business becomes a source of pleasure, play, and prosperity. Because when you reimagine business, you reimagine your entire life.

When I reimagined my business, I realized that I’d been stuck playing outdated rules in a losing game. But the rules were so ingrained in my scope of reality that I’d mistaken them as truths. I’d had success but it was a constant struggle and slog and I’d tell myself, that it’s just what it was. I kept going, exhausting myself to the minute before the clock struck burn out. It happened again, a few days before Christmas 2019. I had my final business book edit and was set to launch it before the year’s end. I was racing through an endless to-do list between client meetings. Time slipped away with very little left to spend with my sister, visiting me from overseas, or my friends. I was irritable, tired, and stressed. The book covered all the basics to set up and scale service businesses online, but it was dry as a bone. For a Creatrix who claimed a life that’s delicious, it was dishwater instead of a double shot mocha. Not a tasty treat and definitely not a vibe. It was like I’d made something opposite to who I was. I wanted to prove I was sensible, rational, and logical because I somehow thought that I wasn’t. But what if that version of the book just wasn’t it? And if it wasn’t it, what was?

My sister – also a business coach, asked: “What are the three ingredients in your business success?”

Love, Play, and Magic,” spilled out my mouth without a second thought. 

Effortless. Easy. Exact.

“Then write about that,” she said. 

Could it really be that simple? That straightforward? I’d skirted around the ideas but had never said them straight. I didn’t think Love, Play, and Magic sounded professional and business-ey enough. I didn’t think anyone would take me seriously. It was one of those, “I can’t say that!” moments of insecurity and embarrassment. “They’ll call me crazy!” came the voice of fear from deep inside me.

Cause here’s the thing. I used to feel like I was terminally unique and that no one would understand me, let alone support me for all that I was.

My “too muchness” oozed out of me and I couldn’t seem to put a lid on it or a filter it or fit myself in.

I didn’t trust that anyone would be there for me and believed I was my own safest bet. Backing myself was both my strength and defense mechanism. Building my business meant building my own life and taking care of myself. My early businesses were built on proving I could, instead of playing, because I could. I was scared and so played it safe.

Even my boldest moves were timid for who I really was. I wanted to be appropriately authentic like Marie Forleo. And commercially creative, so I could sell whatever it was I’d created. I loved self-expression that came with a round of applause. (I still love applause). I had my ACE up my sleeve and wasn’t playing it. I preferred other people’s cards in case I’d reveal too much and really blow it this time. And everyone would hate me and desert me once and for all. Trapped in knots of fear around discipline and dominance, I struggled. I’ve had to undo almost everything I’d been taught to free myself from business bondage.

This blog shares three ingredients with culminate in magic. Think of this blog as an unbinding spell, undoing all the knots of tension caused by the old rules of business. You’ll get released into the new paradigm, freed from patriarchal business bondage. You’ll get to sidestep the cult of capitalist patriarchy. I’ll shed light on bad advice so you can spot it for yourself and spit it out. There is a far more delicious way to enjoy the rich pleasures of business done differently. The good news is: it actually works. Not just for me but for hundreds of the clients I’ve worked with over the years. Whether they believed in love, play, and magic or not. They’ve each reimagined business for themselves.

This blog has my personal stories sprinkled throughout. It will give you a glimpse into my galaxy and show you why I came to believe in business greater than the patriarchal version I’d been force-fed. The way of play is free from the pressure of being perfect. It gives you endless possibilities through the magic of interdependence.

My secret sauce to success includes the three ingredients: Love, Play, and Magic. This blog spills all my secrets of how to use them in your business.

Love, Lauren

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