For business owners, coaches, consultants, creatives, entrepreneurs, and CEOs who want to find out about Create Business Academy directly from the students themselves. Hear from a selection of past clients in video and written testimonials.

That’s what she said…

One thing I know for sure is that energy doesn’t lie. Hear my client’s experiences directly from them with videos from the first business academy I started in 2017 until today.

There are too many testimonials to post, but the following snippets will give you a good overview of the value and insights gained from Create Business Academy.

Video Testimonials

More Client testimonials

10 of the “Irresistible Offers” Alumni

Praise for The Vault

And now you can access all my courses, training, and resources inside The Vault. Here’s what people are saying about it.

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This one is for detail-oriented researchers and fact-finders who are thorough investigators. Watch the testimonials and jot down the repeat words and phrases to create a summary and list of direct benefits my clients got from working with them.

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