This poem is for creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and artists who produce creative work. It speaks to the chaotic nature of having too many ideas at once and wanting to do them all, all while still producing meaningful work. Take it as your very own creative cure to prevent overwhelm. Trigger warning: It touches on anxiety, depression, and mental health concerns.

The Irrepressible Urge to Create

This poem summarizes the creative process of feeling (and reeling) passionate about creating and collaborating but how I can become overwhelmed by the chaos of my own thoughts and ideas. It shows how I manage creative anxiety by focusing on clarity and connection to creativity, and by using words to express my ideas.

I asked openAI to summarize my poem for a second grader and it’s so sweet I want to share it with you. I feel like I’m hearing my inner child speak. I call her an “effervescent muse”

Effervescent Muse

“I’m creative and passionate about making things. I use my imagination to create interesting things that make people happy. I’m always learning and exploring new ideas. I know when it’s time to take a break, so I can stay excited and motivated.”

The C Word: Compulsive [A Creative’s Cure]

Irrepressibly excited by collaborations

Irresistibly captivated with concepts…

Urgently compelled to create.

When I’m channeled, I’m prolific. 

My bounty is plentiful; abundant. 

I’m a profound, profuse producer. 

An effervescent muse.

But when I’m cluttered, I’m chaotic. 

Constipated mind. 

In a tornado of turmoil, 

A tidal wave of chaos.

I’m falling down a dark hole, not jumping in my choice. 

And I crash hard. 

So I’ve mastered how to catch myself before the breaking point of snap. 

Pull myself back from the slippery slope of the tipping point. 

The trigger warnings of doubt: 

What am I doing? Who is it for? What does it mean? Will they want more? 

How about a poem?

Don’t yield, work pouring

Sidestep the boring 

If you stop, you’ll start mourning.

Only rest when you’re snoring.

Anxiety mounts – coffee!  – soaring…

I’m high as a kite…so far away…

Floating in words… on Canva and Facebook, on Instagram and Email…

Give me something to chew on, 

I’m starving for more, 

This addiction needs satiation 

How about:

Community Cultivation? And…

Content Coordination, and

Creative Consultation, and

Captivating audiences, and

Curating experiences, and

Cohesive, Considered, Consistent Creation…

Comprehensive to start…

All-encompassing, at best,

De-constructed in the middle – does anything make sense?

More C words I think- do you C, do you seeeee? 

Just give my page a like, and this one, two, three. 

There’s more where that came from, 

I’ve only just begun:

I’ve got the courage of my convictions and convictions: I’ve got some!

Conversation is what matters!

Connection’s what we crave!

Without it, we’re drifting,

May as well fall to our graves.


I seek clarity,

Not this incessant calamity.

Connection to core,

Calm from the storm,

Comprehension through the invention of conceptual intervention. 

Cryptic combinations of condensed co-creations,

Not corporate – incorporate,

Compassionate competency,

I’m conserving my energy when I just stick to C.

Don’t start on D – re-create this flow?

It’s too crazy,

That’s compulsive,

My currency is choice,

Keep it conscious from source. 

But D – it’s delightful, and I’m a doer, it’s true…

I love delicious distractions, 

Starting over anew… 

Defying conventions, 

Disconnecting from conflict,

I’m dippy I’m dozy, I’m dizzy, I’m doomed, disillusioned, demotivated, depressed, dissatisfied, and damned, I’m a diva on a dimmer switch, I’ve lost the plot and plan. 

Time to destress, 

D word debauchery no more, 

Climb back up to C, 

D out the door. 

A world of words to conjure,

A gift and all mine.

To use as I choose, 

To play with and rhyme. 

I’m compulsive okay? 

And for now that’s just fine. 

I take it one day at a time.

Celebrity poem-a-like

(From open AI) This poem could describe a variety of celebrities, but it appears to be describing Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is known for her creative collaborations, her prolific output, and her ability to create captivating experiences for her audiences. She is also known for her struggles with mental health, including anxiety and depression.

Love, Lauren




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