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Imagine arriving at your friend’s house and she tried to sell you a cookie? Weird, right? You went to socialize, and you got a sneak attack sold to. Now imagine your friend made your best cookies and sold them as her business. You’d probably shout it from the rooftops and tell everyone. On social, when you just share and don’t sell, your followers will sell for you – if you treat your followers like friends and not potential customers. Social is about sharing what you love, not selling yourself.

Everything you post enrolls your community into a connected vibe with you. It starts when you share all your love. Your audience will self-select and line up to work (play) with you because they want what you offer. They’re magnetized by the whole vibe. Now you just need to make it easy for them to buy from you with clear offers and transparent pricing. 

You’ll do that with The Cookie Strategy.

If a visitor came to your home and you said, “Hey, do you want anything?” They’d most likely say, “No thanks” because they have no idea what’s allowed or on offer. A million dollars? A puppy? A coffee?

Never say, “Let me know if you need anything” or “Let me know if I can help you.” No one likes to ask for help. There are no parameters. It’s too vague. And the pressure is on your client to articulate what they want and ask for it. You’ll push people away instead of drawing them in. It’s like those awful bot direct messages: “Let me know if I can help with anything!” I always respond. “Yes! Please review my podcast for me!”

That seems reasonable to me. It’s the last time I hear from the bot/coach again. Because they didn’t actually mean they’d help me with anything, they meant, “Let me know if you want to work with me!” And we can smell fake, just like we can smell perky desperation, just like we can smell…hot chocolate chip cookies, straight out the oven…

Imagine you’re a visitor and someone serves you a silver tray and says, “I just baked these cookies, would you like one?” Hard to resist, right? They’re right there. Fresh! Made for you. Being offered to you! It’s so easy to reach out and take a bite… Make your offers like that.

They wouldn’t say “Hey, would you like some flour mixed with chocolate, mixed with eggs, mixed with butter, and baked for 20 minutes…” Yet that’s exactly what describing the features of your package, instead of the benefit is like. 

You also wouldn’t say, “Hey would you like a John?” when you’re offering a cookie. So, don’t give your offer a weird name. Say what it is. Call a cookie, a cookie and people know what you mean. They don’t care about the baking process. They care how it tastes. 

And remember – someone’s gluten intolerance or diet doesn’t mean your cookie isn’t delicious. It just means it’s not for everyone. Because not everyone wants a cookie. Your job is to bake and serve. The right people will LOVE your cookies! And when you offer them one of your cakes – they’ll be drooling for it!

The best way to sell is to offer the right thing at the right time to satisfy a hunger someone already has. It’s never convincing them that they need it. Trust their desires. Create the environment they want to be in and then serve them something delicious.

The biggest reason people don’t buy from you is that they don’t know they can. 

It’s not easy for them. So, make it easy for someone to buy from you with clear, direct, and exact offers.

  • What do you claim you do?
  • What’s the result it gets?
  • What’s the benefit that someone gets from the result?

Don’t make them figure it out. Tell them how, why, when, and what happens next.

You’ll draw your future clients in with the results, not the title of what you do. For example:

  • Want to skip 3 years of start-up struggle and Master Sales in 6 months?
  • Ready to build a waitlist of clients?  
  • Here’s how to work less and earn more money than you ever have before – in 6 months.
  • New mentorship program reveals how to keep clients coming back for more without selling!
  • It’s true: Add some show to your business and you’ll never have to sell again. Here’s how…

If they want the promise, they’ll want to know the name of your package. For example: “The Sales Accelerator gives you the secret techniques to sell without selling. 

Then tell them where and how to get it.

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