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Stress is how your mind translates fear. You may think: less work, less stress, but that’s not the case. What you need is to work with less stress. Transforming stressful work into easy play all depends on how you approach what you do. Follow this fear removal trick for less stressful work.

Fear shows up in multiple disguises. It usually hides deep in the core of other expressions. Fear loves to wear a mask.

  • Perfectionism isn’t wanting to get it right. It’s fear of getting it wrong.
  • Control isn’t making sure it’s all okay. It’s fear that it won’t be okay.
  • Worrying about the world or others is a masked fear that you’re unable to take care of yourself.
  • Hopelessness is a fear that you’re not good enough. 
  • Powerlessness is a fear that you’re unworthy.
  • Not wanting to put yourself out there or be embarrassed is a fear that you’re unlovable as you are.
  • Exhaustion can mask fear.
  • Numbness can mask fear.
  • Repulsion can mask fear.
  • Positivity can mask fear.

I used to think I wasn’t afraid of anything. I believed:

  • No one can help me.
  • I have to do it all alone.
  • If I don’t do it, it will never get done.

My fear was so ingrained I thought I wasn’t afraid of anything. I did public speaking, made a short film, went on dozens of first dates, and hosted events. I was out and about on the scene, playing the role of a cool party girl. I ran multiple businesses and side hustles alongside a growing client portfolio. Once I wrote and managed nine blogs as one of the ten projects I had on the boil. The truth was I couldn’t stop because whenever I did, I’d feel overwhelmed with sadness. My fear showed up as anger.

Denying fear is a double burden. Feeling afraid is heavy. On top of that, pretending that you don’t feel what you feel is exhausting. Denying your reality is lying to yourself and breaking your trust. It’s hard to feel connected to who you are when you’re not being honest about it. That’s why revealing your feelings is a liberation.

You dissolve your fear when you shine the light of truth by expressing it. Red hot fear dissolves into warm pink love of acceptance. Revealing your fears is a personal revolution because you’re inviting change.

I recommend a therapist, life coach, energy healer, or 12-step program to dissolve fear blocks. The first step is admitting you have them. Fear thrives in isolation, so don’t tackle it alone. Love it into the light through sharing it.

When you’ve accessed your fear, it’s time to ride it.

I liked to imagine my fear as a fire-breathing dragon that protects me. I imagine climbing on my fear dragon’s back like Khalesi in Game of Thrones. We soar above what’s stopping me to get a dragon’s eye view of what’s going on.

If I stay on the ground in the thick of the problem, I’m stuck thinking I need to come up with a solution. I’ve thought I’ve needed a way out when, in reality, I’ve needed a way up. Dragon riding gives me a perspective shift through my imagination. I recognize the fear and I ride it nowhere. Nowhere is the place to be. Nowhere is now here with space between. It’s heightened presence.

When you expand the space between your reaction or response, you enter the realm of possibilities. It’s the creative matrix of nothing and everything. The space of no-when. Instead of asking yourself what you must do, imagine what you want. And then reimagine. You get there through dragon-riding.

Dragon Riders say things like: “Write the book you want to read.” You can stay frustrated with the status quo or you can invent an entirely new paradigm.

Let your fire-breathing dragon ride you some place over the rainbow to the time and space after your problem is solved. Don’t fixate on how that happens, focus on after it happens, then what? Imagine what different looks like. Paint the picture as a full sensory experience. Visualize it. Taste it. Touch it and feel its texture. Let the ideas come to you and remain open to the unexpected.

“You can’t read the label from inside the jar” 

– Michael LoBue.

But you can invent an entirely new jam when you get a dragon’s perspective.

Love, Lauren

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