Hello Business Owner

Your business is a dream woven with threads of passion and enterprise. At Create Business Academy, we understand the diverse landscapes of various business models, including both online and physical storefronts, as well as service-oriented practices. We offer tailored pathways to amplify your success, providing specialized insight and guidance to help you navigate the unique challenges and opportunities each type of business presents. Let’s work together to elevate your business to new heights of success…

Whether online, at a market, or on the high street, from your office, coffee shop, or couch, let Create Business Academy (CBA) be the blueprint guiding your business to skyscraper heights of success.

You’re here cause you want:

More Sales & A Waitlist of Customers & Clients

We’ll help you get there faster

At CBA we focus on the 3 pillars of your business success:


1. Establish Your Online Persona with LOVE

[Achieve Impact]

You’ll discover where you make the biggest impact in the lives of your clients and customers.


2. Grow An Online Community with PLAY

[Make Income]

You’ll discover how to generate the most income in the simplest, light-hearted way.


3. Create Multiple Irresistible Offers like MAGIC

[Reach Interdependence]

You’ll discover how to sustain success in all areas of your business as you scale through interdependence.

The Power Is In Your Hands: Choose Your Path

At CBA, you have 3 paths to choose from:

Create Business Academy | Create Business Academy_Business Coach_Mentorship | International Business Coach, Celebrity Business Coach, Business Coach for Business Owners, Service Providers, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants

#1 Done With You

Start with a 1:1 treasure mapping session with Lauren Wallett and get a customized map guiding you through the courses, resources, and training materials that are best suited for your goals. Plus 3 months of support, access to the community, events, and lifetime access to all courses.

Create Business Academy | A woman with business | Business Mentor for Service Providers, Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners

#2 Do It Yourself

Choose a power-packed package or more and guide yourself on a build-your-own-adventure learning path. Get started inside The Vault.

Create Business Academy | Create Business Academy_Business School_Courses | International Business Coach, Business Coach for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Service Providers, Consultants

#3 Done For You

Do you want someone else to build your business for you? Speak to our sister agency, Malva Media and they’ll do your creative strategies, implementation, and management for you.

Create Business Academy | Create Business Academy long logo | Business Coach for Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Service Providers, Business Owners

Experience Long-Term Benefits with CBA

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Living Courses, Lifetime Access, and a Commitment to Excellence for Lasting Success

At Create Business Academy, our courses are designed as living, evolving resources that keep pace with the ever-changing digital landscape.

We continuously update our curriculum with the latest AI developments and cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our students stay ahead of the curve.

Our courses remain true to the heart of CBA’s mission: empowering you to share your Artistic Connected Expression in the most genuine and effortless way.

By enrolling in our courses, you’ll gain lifetime access to all the up-to-date resources, strategies, and tools needed to excel in the world of content creation.

With Create Business Academy, you’ll always stay informed, inspired, and ready to share your unique voice with the world.

Your Journey Starts Here

Don’t let the challenges of running your business overshadow your passion for creation. At CBA, embrace the freedom to focus on your craft and chosen vocation, while your business thrives. We’ll show you how.