Treasure Mapping is your Creative Strategy Session to orientate where you’re at, clarify where you’re going, and sequence your steps to get there.

At CBA, we blend the art of commerce with innovative and creative strategies, offering you a personalized treasure map to success. What you do first depends on the gap between where you’re at now and where you want to get to. So, first things first, we orient you toward your success.

Mind The Gap

We all start from different places so even if we all want success, the direction we take to get there can be as different as moving north, south, east, west, and a zillion variables in between.

It matters where you’re starting from just as much as it matters where you’re going.

Orientation in your current reality and circumstance is just as important as Clarity of Vision for your future.


Knowing what you need to do isn’t the same as knowing which task to prioritize first and that’s far more important. You can’t add frosting to an unbaked cake and expect it to look gorgeous and taste delicious.

In our Treasure Mapping Session, we’ll prioritize your maximum impact tasks matched with their highest return on investment.

You’ll get a virtual drawing room set up to track your map as you progress and achieve each milestone.


At CBA you’ll learn how to get the most out of the least effort. The idea is NOT to make you a hyper-productive machine. You’re here to reclaim your humanity and that means lots of creativity, pleasure, and rest. We’ve got AI to do your grunt work for you.

You’ll focus on simplifying and amplifying.

Simplify: processes and frameworks.

Amplify: support structures and results.

80% of your income typically comes from 20% of your efforts so we’ll streamline your daily tasks into taking less time so you have more time to play, daydream or build something else!

What Is Optimization?

At CBA, Optimization means that your priorities are maximized. You’re doing more of what you love, less of what you loath and enjoying your time, your way. You’re making money through Play as yourself, no one else. You run your schedule, day, rhythm, and flow on your terms.

Your Learning Path

Once your Treasure Mapping session is over you’re set on your elevator path to success.

Now it’s time to start your personalized journey to achieve your goals. We give you a personalized treasure map to success. Along the way, AI does your grunt work and you’ll focus on your big vision in mini-moves.

You’ll get a chart of which courses to do, or what parts of courses to do in bite-size chunks; what cheatsheets to start with, and which to ignore. Basically, a fully customized guided path to take you where you want to go in the shortest amount of time (with suggested detours if you’re looking for some creative expansion along the way!)

The Magic Of Interdependence

And you’re not alone. Get 3-months of support with CBA as you move through your map at your own pace. Even if you finish your tasks in a few weeks, you’ve got CBA along for the ride as you grow, pivot, grow, and adapt.

On-Demand Business Partner

Get personal access to your business mentor, the one-and-only Lauren Wallett. With 20 years of startup business success and marketing expertise, plus the lifetime context of starting over in multiple companies, from scratch and overcoming some impossible challenges, you have a trusted advisor to lean on and leverage from.

What’s The Financial Investment?

If purchased in 2023, you’ll get a 50% discount to CBA 2024 for $2500.

That includes:

1:1 Treasure Mapping Session

Your Custom CBA Map (and Learning Path of courses, guides, cheatsheets etc)

Lifetime Access to The Vault (including all updates)

3-Months of Growth Support

Email to book your start date.