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All your clients will fall into one of these four quadrants. Where they fall depends on which of your offers are right for them. Tiering your offers means that you can serve more than just one type of income-generating client. You can build a future waitlist of clients. 

You’ll customize your package based on the four quadrants of time and money. 

Your Multiple Irresistible Offers become Packages 

Repurpose your offers into a tiered model structure with multiple access points to you. The more access to you, the higher the price. The least access – like a free PDF download, the lower the cost. It’s the same transformative information, repackaged. Tiered access levels position your ACE offers like delicious treats on a high-tea service tray. From lowest $0 to highest +$25000: 

Examples of Offers

  • Value-packed information products (Cheatsheets, Audits, Assessments, Swipe files)
  • Digital download (Guidebook / E-book / Journal)
  • DIY course/Video training
  • Accelerator program
  • Multiple day events
  • Group coaching
  • Online course
  • One-on-one
  • Membership
  • Mastermind
  • Challenge

Examples of Packages

 A package is a combination of multiple irresistible offers. For example:

Do it yourself – How to Create a Stand-out Style Guide for Social Media (self-study guidebook)

Done for you – Your Social Media Style Bible

Done with you – Your Social Media Style, Revamped in 6 weeks

Combo – 3 Day Style Challenge. Including live training, support materials, and group support.

What support could you include in your package?

  • Q &A sessions
  • Email support
  • Group accountability
  • Bonuses (like information products)

Front & Back End Packages

Your front-end package is your premium package that starts at $500 – $15000.

Your back-end package is your 10X version that is exclusive for graduates of your work only. For example, a $25,000 annual mentoring program (like I have for my most advanced program graduates).

Your back-end is for your clients who’ve already been through your ultimate front-end package. Brainstorm ideas for the 10X version of what you could give. This will give you fresh insights into creating your signature offers too.

For product-based businesses, your back-end offers would be custom and bespoke creations and collaborations for select clients only. The price point would be higher for the original pieces. 

4 Quadrants of Time & Money

#1 Not enough money and not enough time means you’ll deliver quick-win, value-add freebies. These are your longer-term prospects who you’ll nurture until they’re ready. 

#2 Not enough money and enough time means you’ll deliver high-impact training, workshops and challenges. These are great for case studies for new programs and courses.

#3 Enough money and not enough time means you’ll deliver accelerator programs, VIP days or intensives, done-for-you packages, and one-on-ones.

#4 Enough money and enough time means you’ll deliver masterminds, private mentorships, and the best of your best packages.

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