Make Money From Your Ideas

What if you could turn your ideas into assets?

You’d do less “busy work” and be in the money, honey!

Unlock your full business potential inside The Vault👇🏽

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Fill in the gaps to grow your business into one that flourishes, no matter what

These are the keys to unlocking your business success so that you attract a waitlist of clients who keep coming back for more.

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What’s inside The Vault?


Get inspired and hired or set up to be sold out!

Learn the art of sales so that you build your influence with integrity and grow your community with confidence. Create your sales runway so that you have more than enough and get to be super selective about who you work with.

✔︎Message Mastery

Write compelling copy that converts every time. Script your sales pages, email sequences, blog posts, and talking points so that you’re always selling, even though it sounds like you’re not.

[Video Training and prompts] [Value $99]

✔︎Money Honey

Unconventional advice about money. Rethink your relationship with money to reconnect with your true value.

[Video Series] [Value $47]

✔︎Master the Art of Sales

How to sell without sleaze, pressure, and scarcity so that only attract quality clients.
[50-minute live class video] [Value $97]

✔︎The Golden Offer™

How to structure your service offers. Take your offer beyond the benefit so that what you’re selling makes sense to what your client actually wants in a step-by-step approach.

[Video Training and 26-page guidebook] [Value $297]

✔︎The Art of Storytelling

Become a practical genius who delivers connection within a structure. Stop prodding
pain points like a marketer and start giving from your heart like an artist.

[1-hour live class video] [Value $97]

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Content of the future

Become the next viral sensation or simply develop your on-screen charisma in meetings.

✔︎ Cinematic

TikTok & Reels Training in 15-minutes flat. Learn the top 12-steps to creating and posting TikToks and how to double down by reposting to Reels. All the technical skills to edit, and add text, music, plus covers.

[Video Training] [Value $97]

✔︎ How to confidently speak live

Speak confidently, even if you’ve never been a natural public speaker. And learn the 4 big reasons you’re not communicating clearly.

[x 4 videos with 30 minutes of watch time.] [Value $47]

✔︎  Live with Lauren

On-camera confidence. Learn how to show up on any screen as your best self, no matter what, connect with your audience and pitch your business.

[2.5 hours of live video training]  [Value $297]

✔︎ Pitch Please

How to pitch your business in 1-minute. Become pitch-perfect to attract your audience, investors, and early adopters.

[2.5 hours of live video training]  [Value $297]

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Grow on the gram in 5 days

Transform your relationship with Instagram and supercharge your creativity with these tools and techniques. Use these community boosters on any social media channel.

✔︎ How to set up your Instagram page

Step-by-step training in X3 Parts: Your Page, Your Profile & Your Posts.

[A 53-minute live class] [Value $17]

✔︎ Row Flow

Design your Instagram page to stand out. Transform your Instagram planning into creative puzzle play with templates that showcase your unique style.

[Guidebook] [Value $27]

✔︎ X10 Instagram Optimizer

Get discoverable online. Your 10-part checklist to make the most of your Instagram platform and show up on Google Search.

[Guidebook] [Value $27]

✔︎ Engagement Challenge

Organic growth strategy. Strengthen your relationships, start conversations and build your dream audience of consumers and collaborators.

[5 Live class recordings, with a daily strategy, cheat sheets, checklist, and swipe files] [Value $297]

✔︎ Instagram Ally Edition

How to show up on Instagram for others and not make it all about you.

[5 Part live video class replay in under 100 minutes] [Value $197]

✔︎ Your No Content Strategy

The 40% Engagement Strategy to build relationships and grow your audience.

[1-hour live class replay with notes for next steps] [Value $47]

✔︎ Promotional Platforms Checklist

+120 social media promotional platforms to share your content and grow your audience.

[Excel spreadsheet checklist] [Value $17]

✔︎The 3X2 Marketing Map

Analyze your social media data to discover what’s working, what isn’t, and how to improve.

[1 hour live class replay with notes] [Value $47]

✔︎ Treasure Mapping

Your Quarterly Year Plan. How to map your business goals and align them to your content marketing plan.The complete 4 video series.

[+4 hours of live class replays.] [Value $99]

✔︎ Community Growth

Connect with your future buyers. Captivate your community across multi-disciplinary platforms to create a pipeline of future clients who are ready and willing to buy from you.

[20-page guidebook and audio guide] [Value $47]



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Keep your clients coming back for more

How to create, package and sell multiple irresistible offers by turning your ideas into service packages and digital products. And how to iterate so that you resell the same ideas again and again.

✔︎ Simply Irresistible Samper

 How to create multiple irresistible offers that sell to your audience.

[+6 hours live class video replay] [Value $297]

✔︎ Simply Irresistible Cheatsheet

To help you unpack and expand what’s inside your offer before message mastery.

[3-page cheat sheet] [Value $7]

✔︎ Stand Out Online

Activate your creative genius to rediscover trust in yourself and attract a committed online audience. 

[80-minute live class video replay] [Value $99]

✔︎ How to get RICH without working hard

Mindset Magic: learn what true wealth means to you and how to experience richness beyond your wildest dreams today.

[50-minute live class video] [Value $99]

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Your Money Magnetizer

Save time on bulk prep work and save money through repurposing select content. Apply these principles to multiple social media accounts. 

✔︎The Ultimate 12-Step Content Plan

Take the stress out of what to post next with a solid system in place. Your hand-held step-by-step training program to learn how to feed your feed in a simple, stylish, and systematic way.[Video Series, Audio Training, Class videos, and guidebook] [Value $297]

✔︎ACE Content

How to turn your “artistic connected expression” into content that wins the hearts of your audience. Your “outside the box, and inside the heart” strategy plus the cheat sheets, checklists, and categories to keep you on track. Plus, learn the 4 types of content you need.

[51-page guidebook plus audio teaching] [Value $97]

✔︎ Idea Sparks

Extract your best-kept creative ideas to showcase online. Maximize your potential for creative genius by using the Create Business Academy structure, prompts, and strategy.

[Videos, Questionnaire, and Guidebooks] [Value $97]

✔︎ +365 Caption Prompts

Get caption prompts and starter scripts for all your captions, from LinkedIn articles to blog posts to social media. Use the prompts to script your next video or content creation ideas.

[Excel spreadsheet] [Value $47]

✔︎ Content Creation Sampler

How to make social media work for you. Get creative content to inspire your posts across platforms with intuitive feedback. Use the ideas, strategies, and step-by-step structures to spark your own genius and play your ACE every time.

[x6 videos with +6 hours of watch time.] [Value 297]

✔︎ Ideas Expansion:

Visual mood boards and curated images based on your brand life and online persona training so that you know how to best capture and expand your own ideas.

[29 pages of visual expansions] [Value 27]

✔︎ Style Guide

How to style your brand like a professional designer for free. Step-by-step guide plus cheat sheets to make every decision a fun multiple-choice answer.

[60-page guidebook] [Value 47]

✔︎ Digital Design Template Pack

How to implement your style guide into multiple templates across platforms to reuse content and select your focus areas.

[20-page guidebook] [Value 27]

✔︎ The Ultimate Repurpose Pack

Multiply your content so that you make less without working harder. Plus, learn what your content zone of genius is and get your blog promotional strategy.

[6-page guidebook with references] [Value 17]

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The Library

✔︎Tech tools to simplify your business systems [Value $9]

✔︎Testimonial swipe file [Value $7]

✔︎How to advertise your group program swipe file [Value $9]

✔︎Your Instagram rate card to know what to charge for showcasing others on your page [Value $9]

✔︎Example of a simplified Social style guide to style your brand like a professional designer. [Value $7]

✔︎Malva Academy guidebook to structure your services business.  [Value $27]

✔︎Business Optimization to optimize your business with structure and systems that simplify your operations so that you’re able to scale. [Value $17]

✔︎Your online business dream team to envision your future plan for your team growth [Value $9]

✔︎Dream Team Q&A with answers to show you how to effectively future plan. [Value $7]

✔︎Business Reimagined: Lauren’s book on the shift from patriarchal to playful business done differently using love, play, and magic. [Value $11]

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