For video content creators who are testing content across social media platforms, who want a simple strategy to collate, analyze, and decide what to post next.

If you’re familiar with Scrum methodology you’ll know all about 2-week sprints. When I’m starting an intensive project, 2-weeks is the ideal time for me to go all in to create content and gather the data I need to analyze what’s working and what isn’t. In the 3×3 marketing map, I break down the 2 stages you need to have completed before you get to the analyze and adapt stage of the audit.


This post assumes you have content posted, across multiple platforms, posted during the same time frame, to analyze.

Testing Organic Traction

My strategy to launch The Vault is a video strategy. I prefer investing in content creation with organic traction instead of spending on advertising so this audit focuses on organic content (except for one piece that I’ll mention, which I boosted on TikTok)

Reels | TikToks | Youtube Shorts

My primary platforms are Instagram, TikTok, and a new Youtube channel.

I repurpose a few videos to Pinterest as Ideas pins and LinkedIn but because those posts are minimal, I’m not referencing them for this audit.

I recommend analyzing 1 – 3 primary platforms and then reposting what works best.

How to do a video content audit

Write down the top 3 videos in 4 parts:

  • Views
  • Title
  • Length (you can check this by tapping your Reel insights)
  • Notes

I also like to list how many videos I posted to the platform during the set time frame.

Here are a few screenshots of what each platform’s analytics look like.

Instagram Content Analytics: Reels

TikTok Video Analytics:

Youtube Shorts Video Analytics:

Video Content Audit Example

Here’s a screenshot from my video content tracker on an excel spreadsheet.

The “Walk and Talk” video which got 3.87K video views is a video style I train you in inside Live with Lauren in the Video Star category inside The Vault.

Next Steps

Based on the notes you took, decide the parts of the videos that worked best and how you can incorporate them into your next 2-week sprint. If you already had a list of experiments you’re testing, add your new ideas into the mix and check back to see how they performed in 2 weeks’ time. You’ll soon see if what you thought worked, did actually work as a video element or structure, or if it was something else. You don’t know until you re-test the key takeaways from your video content audit.

I also jot down what a video win looks like (how many views I want to get per video). While you have no control over this part, you can set an outcome goal for yourself. But, please remember that your process goals are far more important than your outcome goals. I unpack these two types of goals (and why the process goals are always where you want to be) in Treasure Mapping in the Audience Growth category inside The Vault.

To see what I’m testing next, follow along on





Audit your video content so you know what to make more of to grow your audience.

Key Takeaways

How to do a video content audit step-by-step guide.

Get Live with Lauren in the Video Star category inside The Vault.

Get Treasure Mapping in the Audience Growth category inside The Vault.

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