If your content zone of genius is video, or you want to create video content, then you’re in the right spot to get quick-win video content strategies, a list of tech tools to support your content creation, and more.

If you haven’t taken the content genius quiz yet, you can do that here.

Lights, Camera, Action! You are READY for the spotlight! It’s time to show the world what you’re made of and share your vibe with the whole wide world 🤩

Benefits of Video

Energy doesn’t lie. People who watch you feel your heart’s frequency. So every time you show up and share yourself on video, you’re connecting to the hearts of your future clients. It’s the quickest way for people to know, like, and trust you. 

There are two primary ways to do video:



Your Video Content Strategy

I’d recommend a Live & Save strategy for you. The strategy is as simple as it sounds. Save your live videos, edit the best bits and reuse them as bite-size insight takeaway posts. 

Video Content Ideas

1.) Behind the scenes from a day in your life. Show people how you do things so they get a sense of your vibe. 

2.) Mini-trainings on your business topics.

3.) Updates for your upcoming online events, offers, and freebies.

Tech Tools 

Loom to record your laptop screen

Rev.com app to transcribe your videos into Text

Instagram for automatic subtitles

TikTok for video production and editing

CapCut for video editing 

For more on video content creation, get Video Star inside The Vault.

The other zones of Content Genius

To read up on the other zones of content genius, click on any of these:

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Or you’re a Prolific Creator who excels at them all!

And tap here to take the quiz.

Love, Lauren




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