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Become the next viral sensation or simply develop your on-screen charisma in meetings.

Inside Our Video Star Curriculum:

✔︎unit 1: Cinematic

TikTok & Reels Training in 15-minutes flat. Learn the top 12 steps to creating and posting TikToks and how to double down by reposting to Reels. All the technical skills to edit, and add text, music, plus covers.

[Video Training] [Value $75]

✔︎unit 2: How to confidently speak live

Speak confidently, even if you’ve never been a natural public speaker. And learn the 4 big reasons you’re not communicating clearly.

[x 4 videos with 30 minutes of watch time.] [Value $99]

✔︎unit 3: Live with Lauren

On-camera confidence. Learn how to show up on any screen as your best self, no matter what, connect with your audience and pitch your business.

[2.5 hours of live video training] [Value $149]

✔︎ unit 4: Pitch Please

How to pitch your business in 1 minute. Become pitch-perfect to attract your audience, investors, and early adopters.

[2.5 hours of live video training] [Value $149]

Total Value: $475

Michal Braker Now Has +200K Followers On TikTok

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