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Like “authenticity”, vulnerability is a buzzword. It seems like every marketer has jumped on the bandwagon to harness it for their own success. But what’s being portrayed is generic vulnerability. Vulnerable stories like these:

I worked so much it made me sick, but I stopped that and now I’m well. Follow and buy from me.

I used to work in corporate and I was sad but now I’m my own boss and I’m glad. Follow me and I’ll show you how it’s done.

I suffered and now I’m living my best life. Follow and buy from me.

The art from your heart isn’t your vulnerability. It’s intimacy.

All the stories focus on overcoming a problem as a solution to sell. Because that’s what traditional marketing tells you to do. You need a “bleeding neck problem” not a paper cut problem. So potential pain stories are hyped up, prodded, and poked until they’re marketing propaganda. Using suffering for sales is sick, sleazy, and it’s overdone.

Moving away from pain is still not moving toward pleasure. It’s just moving in a different direction. And we all suffer! It’s literally part of the human experience. It’s unoriginal and uninspired. There is nothing novel or unique about suffering.

A more interesting story is, what happens next? What happens when the suffering stops? What did you do differently? Solving problems isn’t the solution. Stepping into a different paradigm is.

The art from your heart isn’t your vulnerability. It’s intimacy.

When you’re able to connect with yourself, you’re able to connect with others. It’s what connects us to great art, music, and dance. What we think of as traditional creativity is really just an intimate expression.

My doormat says “Come as you are” which I love because that’s what showing up is all about. It reminded me of Kurt Cobain’s song with the same name. He was another tortured soul whom the world loved but who found it impossible to live on earth. He wasn’t trying to be vulnerable with his pain. He channeled it into art straight from his bleeding, bruised, and broken heart. And the world went wild for it. It wasn’t neatly processed; it was shared raw and real and messy.

Vulnerability is exposure whereas intimacy is expression. 

You don’t need to remember all the times you were vulnerable and share them. You just reveal where you’re at right now. Show up as you are. There is no such thing as too much or not enough. You’re Goldilocks (just right) for someone as you are. We each resonate with different things, but we can only reveal our own truth. Do that and others will resonate with you. The truth is more than enough. And yours is the most valuable asset you have.

Your love is for sharing, not selling.

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